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Topic: Finale Giga Capture prob

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    Finale Giga Capture prob

    When I try to capture to wav from Finale 2002b, Giga waits on the sequencer. I have \"send midi sync\" checked in Finale and I can hear the playback, but Giga is just waiting for the signal to begin capturing. I tried capturing using Sonar 1.0 and had no problems. It seems to be a problem with Finale. Is anyone else having a problem capturing to wav from Finale?



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    Re: Finale Giga Capture prob

    Hello Terry,

    There is probably an option for sending system realtime messages. The ones that apply here are \"start, stop, and continue\" messages. I\'m not sure how these are handled by Finale, but Sonar and Cakewalk sequencers have a MIDI out checkbox option for \"Send MIDI Start, Stop, and Continue\".

    See if you can find such a thing in Finale MIDI out preferences.


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    Re: Finale Giga Capture prob

    Thanks Kevin for your quick response. I have checked \"Send Midi Sync\" which is the way Finale has you send the messages. I have also had Finale and Giga work together before. But, I am on a new computer with a newer version of Finale (2002b) and they won\'t talk to each other concerning capture to wav. Some old messages on the Finale forum suggest a bug in the program. I was just wondering if anyone here is able to use capture to wav with Finale and what version of Finale they are using.

    I can always save the Finale file as a midi file and open it in Sonar. But, ritards, accel, etc. don\'t get saved for some reason. So, the performance in Sonar is different and requires more tweaking.


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    Re: Finale Giga Capture prob

    Sync doesn’t seem to work under Fin2003 either.

    Why not just capture all the wavs, and then manually align them. That would seem a lot easier than re-creating your performance in Sonar.

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    Re: Finale Giga Capture prob

    It will work. What version of Windows do you have?

    Also, when saving as MIDI files, create a new expression in the document. For the playback type of the expression, choose Play Tempo Tool Changes. Assign this expression to the first measure of the piece for all staves. Then create the MIDI file.

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    Re: Finale Giga Capture prob

    I am using 98SE. I have started capturing files the way Bill suggested. I will have to align them in Sonar. I can capture from Finale, I just can\'t sync it.


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    Re: Finale Giga Capture prob

    Terry, people have the same problem with Cubase.

    In the case of Cubase it\'s because Cubase only sends the start message from the first bar.

    Say you have a few spare bars of count before your arrangement\'s \'real\' first bar. Starting Cubase on bar four means that Giga doesn\'t get the midi start message. Naturally, the same goes if you are trying to capture just the second chorus etc.,

    In this case there is no workaround. You must start the song at the first bar in the sequence, and later remove the empty space.

    Perhaps this is also the case with Finale?

    BTW, When I have to do \'wild\' capture, I make resyncing easier by always having an extra track open during each track\'s capture which has something like a single kick drum beat a bar before the music starts.

    This way every track which is captured has a sound which is identical and occurs in the same place. It\'s then pretty easy to line them up, expecially because it\'s obvious when a doubled kick drum is slightly out of sync.

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    Re: Finale Giga Capture prob

    No, MIDI Sync works with Finale. Terry, choose the 16-bit MIDI driver from the MIDI menu. What version of Windows do you have Bill?

    If you do save MIDI files, make sure to include that command I mentioned so that your tempo changes, including ritards and accelerandos, will be included.

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    Re: Finale Giga Capture prob

    Success at Last!!! Astrt4 was right. I changed from the 32-bit midi driver to the 16-bit and it works perfectly. Thanks again for your help! I hope this thread will save other Finale users a lot of time and frustration in the future.


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    Re: Finale Giga Capture prob

    By the way, for those of you wanting to create ritards and accelerandos in Finale, be sure to get the free JW Tempo plugin. It works great for this type of thing. You\'ll find this and many other free plugins at www.finaletips.nu.

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