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Topic: Please Help! GS3 keeps rebooting my PC!

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    Please Help! GS3 keeps rebooting my PC!

    Please help! GigaStudio3 keeps rebooting my PC. I've installed and reinstalled GS3 several times now with the same result. When GS3 is installed, my PC keeps rebooting over and over again. If I go into msconfig and make it so msg32.exe (GigaStudio) doesn't start on bootup, things work fine. Well, except that GS3 doesn't work then.

    I've installed the updates too and still get the same results.

    I've been trying to get assistance from Tascam about this and they're no help at all. Not to mention it takes them several days to even get back to me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: Please Help! GS3 keeps rebooting my PC!

    What else is on this computer? What audio hardware & software?


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    Re: Please Help! GS3 keeps rebooting my PC!

    What audio card are you running? Do you have the latest audio & video drivers?


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    Re: Please Help! GS3 keeps rebooting my PC!

    Sorry it took so long to get back. I uninstalled GS 3 Ensemble from 1 computer and tried to reinstall it on another. I got a new reg code from Ta scam. The computer I installed it on this time doesn't reboot over and over, but GS3 doesn't run at all now. When I first installed it, it did the database check then just before it finished, it crashed my computer. Now Norton disk doctor and chkdsk report that I have bad sectors on my hard drive. They say that they're fixed, but I can't run GS3. It'll install, but won't actually run.

    I have an AMD 2600+, 1 GB RAM, with an M-audio Delta 1010 (and SB Live! for playing SoundFonts), MOTU MTP AV (MIDI), 128 MB video card. I use mostly Sonar 4 (2 & 3 too) Producer, CubaseSL, lots of VSTi/DXis etc. This is a dedicated DAW (although it has internet access via our local network). I used to have GS96 v2.54 running on this PC and it worked fine. Now, I've installed GS3 and it's the kiss of death.

    Ta scam doesn't return my emails that I send to their support team any more. I opened a call with them (it took them 2 weeks to get back to me), then they gave me some lame stuff to try to fix my problem and that didn't help. Now they don't return my emails anymore. When I call, I get bounced all over the place from department to department. I don't see how these guys can stay in business. What a way to run a company.

    Any suggestions? Besides giving the discs a heave into the swamp?

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    Re: Please Help! GS3 keeps rebooting my PC!

    Try removing the SB Live and see if it works. A card with no GSIF drivers may be the problem. I had to move my Yamaha SW1000XG to another system and it solved the problem.

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    Re: Please Help! GS3 keeps rebooting my PC!

    I tried that and it didn't help. But thanks for the suggestion.

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    Re: Please Help! GS3 keeps rebooting my PC!

    Oh, by the way. I do have GSIF drivers for the SB Live!. I use the Kx Project drivers. I don't actually use the SB for GS3 though, I use the Delta sound card.

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