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Topic: make harp's glissando to work

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    make harp's glissando to work


    Ive just purchased Gpo and im quite new to some of the concepts .

    i have two very very noob question :

    1) what are the cc(numbers) .
    2) how to make the harp's glissando to work . ive open the midi file "GlissandoHarpPackets.mid" and see a lot of tracks with chords name , Ive read the tutorial but i need more "simple" explanation how to make it works .

    thanks in advance


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    Re: make harp's glissando to work

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry, I can't give the answer to you question but this should be interesting.
    I was just about to ask the same question. Ya beat me to it.

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    Re: make harp's glissando to work

    Hi Zohar,

    Let me also welcome you to the forum. I hope when you overcome the harp confusion, that you will become a regular here and post some of your music for us to enjoy.

    There is a very complete harp tutorial on Gary's site.

    Harp Tutorial

    I hope this will help eliminate the confusion. If it doesn't, please post back again and we can help you.

    Again Welcome,


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    Re: make harp's glissando to work

    thanks for the nice hospitality

    actually after reading few times the harp tutorial its gets clear .

    for beginners like me :
    open new project, import the midi file to this project , assign harp glissando for track 1 (for example) then copy the packet which represent the chord you want to "glish" (a minor for example) to another track (2 for example) and assign the midi channel to be the same as track 1 . start record and after the "progress bar" will pass the packet on track 2 your keyboard will play the chord at glissando style automaticly , just move your hand from on side of the keyboard to the other.

    or like the author wrote :
    just copy the packet for a particular chord/scale to a secondary track set to the same MIDI channel as the harp. Place each packet slightly in advance of the position of the desired scale or chord change. So, there are two tracks that share the same MIDI channel: the harp part is recorded to the harp track and the MIDI packets are placed as needed in the second track. "

    still i have 1 old qustion

    what are the cc1..cc(n)

    and 1 new question

    while using the cubase when i trying to assign different channel to different tracks i cant hear GPO playing . its only works on 1 channel .
    so i can play few tracks , but they all ponting to the same channel with different instruments .
    i read the tutorial how to work with cubase and it said that each track (with different instruments) should have a different channel .

    thanks again for this beautiful forum and wonderful people

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    Re: make harp's glissando to work


    The "cc" numbers refer to MIDI controllers. Some numbers are designated for specific functions in the MIDI spec and some are assignable. In GPO we even appropriate certain designated controllers (like cc1 - mod wheel) for functions other than their original purpose. These decisions were made in the interest of accomplishing our expressive goals for the library.

    Please see the documentation for details on which controllers are used by GPO. These controllers can be accessed in your sequencer (usually in the piano roll section - graphic controller subsection.) The data can be either sent to your computer using hardware controllers using mod wheel, sustain pedal, and assignable sliders and knobs or you can draw the data directly into the graphic controller section of your sequencer. You will need to consult your sequencer's documentation to get instructions for your particular sequencer.

    Now let me make a suggestion: You will be doing yourself a big favor if you acquire a book on MIDI basics. There are many books on the market and I'm sure you will be able to locate some of them by doing a search on a site like Amazon. Everything will make more sense if you have a clear grasp of the basic principles of MIDI.

    As to your problem with MIDI track assignments in Cubase, consult your Cubase manual or help file for instructions on changing channel assignments. Each track has a channel assignment that can be altered for one of 16 different channels or omni (usually called "any" in Cubase). Another suggestion: Read the Cubase manual cover to cover. You will discover many things that you will never find through trial and error. Same goes for the GPO manual, update documentation, and the supplemental material on the Garritan web site. Take it a little at a time. In a few months you will acquire what you need to work efficiently toward your musical goals.


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    Re: make harp's glissando to work

    thanks Tom .

    i actually find my problem . i didnt change the channel number in the contact player , i thought (from the tutorial) that it take the vst instruments number as the channel number .
    i post in qubase forum and now its working .

    thanks for Your time .


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