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Topic: Akai conversion question

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    Akai conversion question

    Hi all,

    I\'m very new to Gigastudio... I\'ve been using it for only a short while, and I\'ve got a question about SConverter, which I\'ve never used before. The documentation\'s a wee bit confusing.

    I\'ve got a sample CD for Akai S-1000 (the Quantum Leap Brass CD). I\'d like to use this with my Gigastudio 160. I can\'t figure out the best way to load the samples, particularly the velocity-switched ones.

    Also, can/should I convert each partition individually? Should I do an entire disc in one fell swoop? How will they appear on my hard drive?

    I realize this might be fairly remedial stuff, but again, I\'m new to samplers & would appreciate _any_ help.


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    Re: Akai conversion question

    Just insert the AKAI CD, then you can right click on any part of the library you want to convert (entire CD, partition etc.). You see a menu with which you can import waves, convert to GIG etc.. Make your choise and choose the root where you want your converted files.

    There are actually much better conversion programs like Chickensys Translator and CDXtract.

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