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Topic: Keyswitching multiple folders per instrument

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    Keyswitching multiple folders per instrument

    I\'m trying to create a keyswitched instrument with QLB Altos. Some instruments have multiple velocity layers, each in its own folder.

    As the wizard does not apparently allow for more than one sample group (folder) to a case, I think I need to move the samples to one common folder, but I don\'t want to have to completely manually drag-and-drop each sample to make it work.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Keyswitching multiple folders per instrument


    The Wizard gives me a pain, but it is best have to keep the different dynamic samples in seperate folders. If you go through the steps of the wizard with your new instrument, all folders are automatically listed in step 4, where you can asign the ones you want to the keys you had named in step 3, the rest are not picked up. (I don\'t know how far you had got)

    Martin Beckers

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    Re: Keyswitching multiple folders per instrument

    Hello Dasher and Martin,

    One consideration is that you may run out of dimension resources. The amount of available splits is dependent on how complex the instrument is. You start with 32 bits. A mono sample region can have up to 32 velocity splits, but that would leave no room to use any other controllers and stereo leaves us with sixteen splits. Add four velocities and we have four splits left. Just enough room for a mod wheel to switch between four different sets of samples. Or we could have stereo with only two velocity splits leaving 8 splits for other dimensions.

    It’s up to the instrument designer to decide how to allocate these resources. This can be done on a note by note basis, outside the wizard. Some note regions may be mono with sixteen velocities while others are stereo with two velocity splits and mod wheel on four splits. Note regions can simply be stereo with no other dimensions.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that you can run multiple passes with the Wizard Tool. You don\'t have to do everything in one pass. Sometimes it is necessary to divide and conquer when building a new or modifying an existing instrument.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Keyswitching multiple folders per instrument

    Kevin, that helps somewhat, but I don\'t see how I can keyswitch 2 instruments, one with 4 velocity splits and the other with 2, with each split in a separate sample folder. The wizard isn\'t asking for Instruments, it wants sample folders. What am I missing? Seems to me once I create a keyswitch with only one velocity layer, I\'m stuck.


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    Re: Keyswitching multiple folders per instrument

    Hmmm, maybe we\'re both trying to complicate this more than is really necessary. If there are pre-constructed alto instruments why not combine them?

    Just open one instrument and either use the \"File->Merge\" option from the file menu or open the other instruments and copy/paste them into one .Gig file. Once you have two or four instruments you can combine them, selecting the \"keyboard\" as the control source used for switching between the combined instruments in the \"Combine Instruments\" dialog.

    In a combined instrument, keep in mind that the dimensions used are cumulative among all the instruments combined. If you do run out of dimension resources, there are a couple of options I can think of:

    1. Reduce the number of velocity splits/mod wheel splits/layers used in the individual instruments to make more splits available for keyswitching.

    2. Use a third party app like the Yellow Tools Keyswitcher to switch between numerous existing instruments. I think it\'s still a free download.


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    Re: Keyswitching multiple folders per instrument

    Kevin, I think that\'s the answer-just a merge. I haven\'t tried that with keyboard as controller.

    There HAD to be an easier way! Thanks.

    Oops-just tried it. How do I define the Keyswitch keys? I\'ve got a merge of two files with keyboard as control, but no way to define the switch controller. I tried adding a new instrument and using the wizard, but it\'s back to individual sample folders...


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    Re: Keyswitching multiple folders per instrument

    doublepost, sorry...

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    Re: Keyswitching multiple folders per instrument

    That\'s easy, Dasher.

    Double-click on your newly combined instrument in the list or right-click on it and select \"Properties\". Here you will be able to select the start and end keys for the dimension switches.

    You can select a finite amount of keys for the amount of available dimension, 2 for 2 or 4 for 4, whatever. But if you were to select say an octave for a key range but only switching between two dimensions, the wizard will divide these up and distribute them evenly over the range you specify.

    So you can be as precise as you like, with a single MIDI note per dimension switch, or set aside larger \"target areas\" of the keyboard to punch whilst in the heat of battle. It\'s all up to you.


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    Re: Keyswitching multiple folders per instrument

    Hi Kevin. Sorry, but that does not appear to work. I have tried:

    First set Inst 1 to C2:C2, the inst 2 to C#2:C#2

    Set both to C2:C#2

    Do either of these then run the Wizard

    Without the wizard, neither action brings up the purple keys in GS when I load the file. The keyboard/keyswitch region shows 1-64: 65-128 when I select that dimension resource.

    With the wizard, I can only select a single folder, as before.

    What am I missig? Do I need to add the single note region (or combination) to each instrument before combining and assigning the dimension keys?

    Sorry for being a pest, I thought I understood this part of the Editor, but even Dave G\'s Tutorial doesn\'t illustrate this except with single region drag-n-drop, which defeats the purpose.


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    Re: Keyswitching multiple folders per instrument


    Be sure you are defining the \"Dimension key start\" and \"Dimension key end\" in the combined instrument only. You don\'t need to use the wizard at all. You don\'t need to change any properties on the individual instruments at all. Just merge and combine them.

    Make sure that the overall range of regions is the same for both/all instruments combined. If one of your instruments comes up short, simply grab the outer border of the region and drag to extend it to the key that matches the range of the other instruments BEFORE you combine them. This is especially important when combining layered and crossfaded instruments.

    Once you have created a combined keywsitched instrument you can delete the original instruments in the list of the new gig file if you like. Of course there\'s no harm in keeping the original instruments as they take up little space since they contain only articulation data that points to the same wave pool samples.

    Keep in mind that each subsequent instrument in a gig file will use a new program change number. Your original instrument will have Bank 0, Patch 0 while your merged instrument will be assigned the next available slot which is Bank 0, Patch 1. Then your combined instrument that you create will be assigned Bank 0, Patch 2.

    Use the instrument properties dialog on each instrument to designate a different bank or patch number. No two instruments in the same gig file can share the same bank/patch designation.

    Review the first paragraph. OK? Let us know how it goes.


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