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Topic: Shortcuts and Quicksound

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    Shortcuts and Quicksound

    Trying to re-organize my library, I\'ve installed each library in its own folder, so I always know the source of any sound. I then create instrument folders (Sax, Bass, Bells) and create shortcuts to the original files. I could swear this used to work great, but I just realized it works in the Editor, but not Quicksound. In XP with GS 2.5xx Quicksound doesn\'t even see the FOLDER unless there is an actual Gig in it.

    Any idea how to fix this?


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    Re: Shortcuts and Quicksound

    Hello Dasher,

    Let me try to clarify some things about Quicksound and its intended purpose and functionality. You\'ll notice that folders that do not contain what Quicksounds recognizes as pertainent file types. These are \".gig\", \".wav\", \".art\", \".gsp\", \".nem\", and \".prf\" file types that are directly relevant to the operation of GigaStudio.

    By filtering all other file types out and hiding any irrelevant folders, Quicksound shows you only what is necessary in the GigaStudio environment. Therefore a shortcut file, which is none of the recognized file types, will not be available, nor will its folder if there are no recognized files in that folder.

    The shortcut file is a tool of the Window Explorer. Quicksound does not try to completely replace the functions and benefits of the Windows Explorer toolset. It is designed to be a dynamic database of keyword searchable \"Giga-centric\" files only.

    One could still use the Windows Explorer \"find\" and shortcuts. All that you need to do is to drag and drop the shortcut, icon or file name to the GigaStudio loader channel to load the instrument. There are benefits to using some combination of both methods.

    Quicksound is a special purpose utility for customizing, searching, and auditioning Giga recognized file types. It is not designed to \"re-invent the wheel\" for the Windows Explorer file manager interface.

    So Dasher, you can use Windows Explorer to browse your folders containing shortcuts and drag-and-drop them to the MIDI channel slots in GigaStudio. You can search with the Explorer \"find\" tool but this will limited to keywords in the file name or folder only. When you want to find an instrument with an embedded keyword search, use Quicksound.

    Hope this helps you to make better use of the tools you already have available.


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    Re: Shortcuts and Quicksound

    Thanks, Kevin. I understand what you are saying-The shortcut show up with the apparent extension .GIG, so I figured Quicksound would see it. And I\'ve been using these for months in the Editor, they work just fine.

    And I don\'t think anyone has asked for it, but it would nice to support them in V3-organizing files can be more effective (IMHO.) I don\'t want to have to do qa Quicksound search for \'trumpet\' every time I want one, I\'d rather go to a \'trumpet\' folder and have all my trumpets there, yet keep the actual instrument in a file with the rest of the CD.

    Oh well, if life were perfect we\'d all have live musicians working for us for free...


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