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Topic: Attack/Release in GPO?

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    Attack/Release in GPO?

    I've just installed GPO on my machine after having returned EWSOS (thankyou NI for removing my reg!) due to horrible sound (heavy reverb on all samples? No thanks!), however one thing has hit me fairly quickly.

    Forgive me if I'm just missing something obvious, and I haven't registered my copy yet so I don't have the latest version - but is there any way to control the Attack and Release of the instruments, particularly the string ensembles?

    (also just to confirm a smaller thing - am I correct in what I've heard about it being possible to upgrade from GPO to the Vienna libraries?)

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    Re: Attack/Release in GPO?

    Attack is controlled via 'note on' velocity for all the samples. Timbre is controlled via mod wheel. So if you are looking for decayed, diminuendo, crescendo samples those you can create by inserting the proper mod wheel data into your sequencer. It also helps if you have a midi controller so you can play the mod wheel as the instrument is playing. Personally I draw it all in by hand, but others like the feel of 'playing' GPO like an instrument. Also, for short releases, a new controller was made available with the update (the length controller midi CC#21) that enables you to shorten the samples in realtime using a hardware controller or by drawing the data in a sequencer. Make sure you update your copy of GPO to version 2. There were a number of impressive enhancements made to both the library and player. Go to the Garritan website for update details.

    As to the upgrade to VSL. I think it is still ongoing. You should check out Vienna's web site for details.

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    Re: Attack/Release in GPO?

    (the length controller midi CC#21)
    JB Where is this found,on the kontakt player or in the sequencer itself. couldn't find it this morning.

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    Re: Attack/Release in GPO?

    When you load instruments in the Kontakt Player you should see the length controller on one of the knobs onscreen. You can control the length there, but it will be static throughout the song. I recommend using a sequencer and inputting controller data on CC#21 instead. That way you can control it realtime and shorten and lengthen notes as desired throughout one song. This controller is helpful for achieving smoother legato phrasing as well as more accent. I have yet to try it to achieve double or triple tounging in the brass/woodwinds, although in theory it should work well for that as well.

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