Hi, List--I have an issue with Spectrasonics VIs and Digital Performer and wanted to see if anyone has any further information.

In DP when one bounces to disk, Atmosphere, Trilogy, and Stylus all re-initialize back to their default sine tone state, erasing whatever patch was current at the time.

This happens 100% of the time for me, and I've noticed it since DP 4.12 (I'm on 4.5 now). This does not happen to any of my other VIs (NI, Albino, Pluggo). It also only happens during a BTD, not if I freeze any tracks.

My workaround was to make a clipping of the instrument and if I had to bounce to disk, simply drop the clipping back on the instrument track and I was back in business. However, now in DP4.5 there seems to be an issue where dropping a clipping instantiates a DOA instrument--the instrument appears, and creates a destination in the MIDI list, but doesn't receive midi and doesn't trigger audio when you press the "preview" button on the GUI.

Does anyone have any further information about these issues and/or any suggestions for a workaround? Thanks!