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Topic: Never mind election fraud

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    Never mind election fraud

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    What I want to see is one Republican area where the voters had to wait in line all day. This seems to be a phenomenon reserved for poor black areas.

    (I'd have put this in the other thread, but Brian R. soiled it.)

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    Re: Never mind election fraud

    I think before you'd know if there were such problems/issues in republican counties... you'd have to look in republican counties.

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    Re: Never mind election fraud

    My county tended slightly Republican. I spent some of election day as a poll watcher. The lines at the tables were never more than two people deep while I was there. There was no evidence of fraud or intimidation. The only anomaly I heard about was a Jerry Springer moment when a young woman kept yelling at some guy to leave her alone. We used punch cards in Clark County.

    As you may have heard, all of Washington State will be hand recounted for the Governor's race, since the result is well within 2,000 votes.

    Keep in mind that you can have tampering in both R and D areas in the presidential race. If you award more votes than earned to your guy, or if you stip votes from the opponent, it all adds up in your favor.

    The thing that's unique in Democratic areas is the long lines, intimidation and misinformation. I have yet to hear any examples of this in Republican areas. It certainly didn't happen in my back yard.


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    Re: Never mind election fraud

    I live in a sparsely populated area that is probably equally Republican and Democrat, but that always votes overwhelmingly Republican because the people here are very conservative. The lines were probably about 45 minutes long at times.

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    Re: Never mind election fraud

    The other thing you have to consider is that demographically, areas that tend to lean Democratic are also urban areas where there's a higher concentration of people, meaning more voters per polling place.
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    Re: Never mind election fraud

    here in my county it is primarily republican and we had early voting lines a week out where people were in line 3-4 hours at a time. On voting day depending on where you were at the lines were 20 minutes- 2 hours acording to my friends who voted.
    I do not regret the things I've done, but those I was unable to do.

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    Re: Never mind election fraud

    Actually, both Republican and Democratic areas have and are being looked into. What they discovered was that in more democratic leaning areas in Ohio, there would be one voting machine per thousand voters.

    Yet, in the same counties, in more Republican leaning areas, it was one voting machine per couple hundred voters. While the democrats were waiting in line for hours, the Republicans just waltzed in, cast their vote and called it a day.

    Add to that the fact that the Republicans fought tooth and nail -- and won -- to get "challengers" posted at the polls, people who could challenge a voter's right to vote, thus requiring a provisional ballot to be used, and you've got organized, systematic disenfranchisement.

    The democrats had no challengers posted. Instead, they had people watching to makes SURE everyone was allowed to vote.

    And therein lies the fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats. The former fears democracy while the latter embraces it.

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    Re: Never mind election fraud

    I guess the only problem I have with that is the fact if you are in a primarily heavy democratic area or even a republican area I think of it as a movie theater. If you have 2 opening movies that weekend and you know clearly one will be more of a crowd drawer than the other you put the less likely movie in the smaller screen. You still might sell out on both, but you still have a lot more people waiting on the other show than the less popular one. If I was in a republic heavy county why would I want 14 voting machines (just random #) if I knew already most of the people where going to vote one way over the other?
    I do not regret the things I've done, but those I was unable to do.

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    Re: Never mind election fraud

    In my precinct we probably had at least a couple thousand voters, but we only had one machine. With optical scan, it doesn't really matter. Everybody just goes to a "booth" (really, any semi-private area of the room with a divider or similar thing), uses a marker to mark down their choices, and then they slip the sheet of paper into the op-scan machine. Even though there was a huge wait (as I said above), the op-scan machine itself sat there dormant for the vast majority of the time, just waiting for people to finish, step up, and slide their sheet into it. That definitely wasn't the bottle-neck. So I wouldn't be to quick to assume that it was in these other cases either.

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    Re: Never mind election fraud

    You mean the DNC fighting for everyones rights in this election...like aggresively knocking Nader off the ballot and challenging his right to run (and people to vote for him) in every state Nader tried to run?

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