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Topic: How to change attack time in GigaStudio?

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    How to change attack time in GigaStudio?

    Some of the samples I use have too slow an attack time for what I need. how do I change this in GigaStudio? Specifically I\'m referring to GOS Lite. I know there was a thread on this, but it flew way over my head.. I know nothing of layering or anything beyond just choosing an instrument and recording with it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: How to change attack time in GigaStudio?

    Attack times are set at three levels:
    1.External Midi. -in GOS many of the instruments have the attack linked to GPC 1 (CC16). Check the table in the manual; unfortunately in many of the instruments listed as being under attack control are (erroneously) set as being under release control instead, through GPC 2 ,which explains why the expected effect on attack from GPC 1 can be very \"subtle\" indeed. (You can correct this in the GSeditor under the \"EG Mod\" tab).

    2. GSEditor. Check by clicking on the amplitude envelope tab (EG/LFO 1); if the attack time is set to >0 you can reduce this. Select the instrument you want to edit from the list on the left and make sure you \"rubber band\" all the regions -the white bars below the keyboard- first, turning them all yellow and select all dimension splits by clicking on \"select lock\" at the bottom to turn all boxes red.

    3. Sample. Obviously if the sample is recorded with a slow attack you can\'t shorten this (unless you want to get into editing the samples). If you\'re using a sequencer you can add a fast short bow on a seperate track, tweaking volume / velocities / shift etc. until it sounds right with the track with the instrument that is too slow.

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    Re: How to change attack time in GigaStudio?

    Thanks, Beckers! Very helpful

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