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Topic: SAM Solo Sessions Kontakt vs. GS3

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    SAM Solo Sessions Kontakt vs. GS3

    I also posed this on the Kontakt board. It seems to my ears that GS3 plays these samples cleaner and fuller than Kontakt. Why would that be. As a side note, my GS3 is installed on my Dell Laptop playing through a Tascam US-122 (at 24 bits) while Kontakt is installed on my Dell Desktop playing through an AUdiophile 24/96.

    Anyone else notice the difference in the quality of sounds? Reason is, I only have demo patches for the SAM Solo Sessions that came with GS3 and would like to buy the full library but I'm hesitating over which platform I should get it for. Kontakt is a but cheaper to purchase but the sound quality also sounds inferior to GS3.

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    Re: SAM Solo Sessions Kontakt vs. GS3


    Project SAM is really good about answering emails:


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    Re: SAM Solo Sessions Kontakt vs. GS3


    if you have both could you please compare the performance and latency on both platforms, thos would be really interesting

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