I know many of you are running these three together successfully: GS/Sonar/Audiophile2496. But I can\'t seem to get off the ground. I just bought Gigastudio 96, received it in the mail yesterday, but still can\'t use it. I installed GS fine but when I run it, it says I don\'t have a GSIF compatible sound card. BUT I DO! The Audiophile 2496. Why doesn\'t it recognize my card? I\'ve installed the drivers for the card all right. They work in Sonar just fine. I have the latest drivers. In fact I\'ve used both the drivers from M-Audio\'s web site for XP drivers and the ones that came on the drivers disk with my card. (It seems the ones on my disk are more recent, which doesn\'t make sense. whereas the ones from the website are 5.10....something.) Someone please help...this is maddening to come this close and have nothing.
My system: AMD 1700+, ECS K7S5A MB, WIN XP, 2 big harddrives, 512MB SDRAM, Audiophile2496, GeForce 2 AGP.
Also, the default audio device for Windows IS set to the Audiophile.