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Topic: New GPO

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    Cool New GPO

    OK, I'm deep into work with the updated GPO, thanks very much, Guys. But a couple of things concern me. I guess they're the same samples, but to me , they sound different. For instance, one of my favorites, the Guarneri solo violin had a nice woody character. Now, it's kind of...unusable. I assume reprograming for a more agressive bite gave it a harshness that I'm not crazy about. I understand that there is a way to get back some of the old samples, but I can't find that info, and I was wondering if someone could point me to it? Or is it possible to revert to the older player?

    Also, I can't load as many instruments as before. I'm on a Mac G4 dual 1.25 with 1.25 ram (I'm getting a new G5 the first of the year) using DP, and I used to be able to get a couple of full instances running at the same time. Now, I max out at about 7 instruments before I have to bounce to audio. Granted, they're dense 1/8'th note tracks with lots of controller info, but still... Does anybody else notice this? Hopefully, the faster G5 with more ram will help. But in the meantime, does anybody know how to get the old samples or revert back to the older player? Thanks a lot.

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    Re: New GPO

    I thought so as well but after comparing with an earlier recording of mine I can't tell the difference.

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    Re: New GPO


    Ah, the plight of the programmer trying to satisfy the most popular requests - you simply can't make everyone happy. That's why I wanted the older instruments to be placed in a backup folder rather than be overwritten or deleted during the update install routine. As in this case, having a backup allows users who prefer the older instruments to retreat to the previous versions - nothing changed. It shouldn't be necessary to retreat to an earlier version of the player. The new player has a number of new capabilities (like streaming) and bug fixes that makes it superior to the older version of the player.

    In the case of the updated Guarnarius you should be able to get similar results to the older instrument by reducing velocity for a given situation. Most of the more aggressive character kicks in at higher velocities, but using it may not feel as comfortable to you as using the older version, especially if you've gotten used to it. Looking at the Guarn I see one very noticeable thing that has changed: Its panning position. The three solo instruments now have different panning positions so they can be easily used together. The different position can certainly be a contributing factor to the impression of sound of the instrument. The older version was panned to 80L. The new one is panned to 40L. There are other more subtle differences relating to VAR2 but mainly I believe you are responding to the stronger attack/velocity relationship.

    Remember, if you rename the older file before you copy it back to the active folder you can have both the old and the new at your disposal. If you wanted all the older files back, in addition to the new, you should be able to rename the older Dry and Wet folders (maybe Dry Old and Wet Old) and copy them in their entirety to the active instruments folder.


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    Re: New GPO

    Thanks Tom, that's exactly what I wanted to know - very helpful. I think you're right about the velocity, I've played with it a bit but I just couldn't get it to sound the way I remembered. As for the panning, I always change that anyway, so I don't think that's it.

    But I'm very glad to know that the older version of instruments can be retrieved, It will be interesting to compare the two. Thanks again for all your help.

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