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Topic: GS Edit strangeness

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    GS Edit strangeness

    Has anyone else had trouble dragging and dropping .wav files when creating an instrument? Some of my .wav files work fine, but others don't... (I've tried both 16 and 24 bit). The files that don't 'drag n drop' are over 2.5 minutes long - but I can't imagine that is the problem.

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    Re: GS Edit strangeness

    Is it possible the wavs and regions you're dropping to are different sexes - mono v stereo?

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    Re: GS Edit strangeness

    Strange is absolutely the best way to describe this... I've made sure of mono/stereo 16/24bit - all the most logical possibilities. The thing is, if I load .wav files that GS Edit does like I can use 'replace' sample to get my original 'problem' sample into a region - then everything is fine! I think I've also had success compressing the .wav with the Giga 24bit format. So, for some 'strange' reason GS Edit will let me do everything with these files - except drag 'n drop! I'm sure Microsoft are somehow to blame.

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    Re: GS Edit strangeness

    Are you dragging from the editor's wav pool, or from Windows Explorer?

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    Re: GS Edit strangeness

    From the editor's wavepool. It's odd, but it's not just a case of the sample not loading... it actually won't drag to do the drop - so, I click on the name and hold and as I drag I don't get the little symbol to show I'm dragging. But, like I said it's only on certain .wav files which is strange because they have all eminated from the same DAW. At this point I'm willing to file it as 'unsolved'.

    cheers, Mark TS

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