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Topic: Hijinks in Florida

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    Hijinks in Florida

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    Don't write Florida off yet. Certified or not. Check out this report from BlackBoxVoting.org. And they've got it on video:

    TUESDAY NOV 16 2004: Volusia County on lockdown
    County election records just got put on lockdown

    Dueling lawyers, election officials gnashing teeth, Votergate.tv film crew catching it all.

    Here's what happened so far:

    Friday Black Box Voting investigators Andy Stephenson and Kathleen Wynne popped in to ask for some records. They were rebuffed by an elections official named Denise. Bev Harris called on the cell phone from investigations in downstate Florida, and told Volusia County Elections Supervisor Deanie Lowe that Black Box Voting would be in to pick up the Nov. 2 Freedom of Information request, or would file for a hand recount. "No, Bev, please don't do that!" Lowe exclaimed. But this is the way it has to be, folks. Black Box Voting didn't back down.

    Monday Bev, Andy and Kathleen came in with a film crew and asked for the FOIA request. Deanie Lowe gave it over with a smile, but Harris noticed that one item, the polling place tapes, were not copies of the real ones, but instead were new printouts, done on Nov. 15, and not signed by anyone.

    Harris asked to see the real ones, and they said for "privacy" reasons they can't make copies of the signed ones. She insisted on at least viewing them (although refusing to give copies of the signatures is not legally defensible, according to Berkeley elections attorney, Lowell Finley). They said the real ones were in the County Elections warehouse. It was quittin' time and an arrangment was made to come back this morning to review them.

    Lana Hires, a Volusia County employee who gained some notoriety in an election 2000 Diebold memo, where she asked for an explanation of minus 16,022 votes for Gore, so she wouldn't have to stand there "looking dumb" when the auditor came in, was particularly unhappy about seeing the Black Box Voting investigators in the office. She vigorously shook her head when Deanie Lowe suggested going to the warehouse.

    Kathleen Wynne and Bev Harris showed up at the warehouse at 8:15 Tuesday morning, Nov. 16. There was Lana Hires looking especially gruff, yet surprised. She ordered them out. Well, they couldn't see why because there she was, with a couple other people, handling the original poll tapes. You know, the ones with the signatures on them. Harris and Wynne stepped out and Volusia County officials promptly shut the door.

    There was a trash bag on the porch outside the door. Harris looked into it and what do you know, but there were poll tapes in there. They came out and glared at Harris and Wynne, who drove away a small bit, and then videotaped the license plates of the two vehicles marked 'City Council' member. Others came out to glare and soon all doors were slammed.

    For the rest: http://www.blackboxvoting.org

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    Re: Hijinks in Florida

    This sounds almost identical to stories in the book Votescam. You can buy it direct here: http://votescam.com/

    Votescam was written about vote stealing in Florida years before Bush and Gore ran for the presidency. If anything it was done to keep incombents in and challengers out - and the incumbents at the time were Democrats. As I've said before, vote fraud is a non-partisan sport. The incumbents would use vote fraud against challengers in the primaries - and those would be other Democrats.

    The book is entertaining and well written in an "Alice's Restaurant" kind of style. The authors, now both deceased, were definitely not establishment types. The book had been celebrated by the far-right as it showed the Democratic establishment to be corrupt. The party in power in Florida may have changed, but the corruption never went away.

    I highly recommend this book to anybody who wants honest elections in America.


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