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Topic: GigaStudio96 nightmare

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    GigaStudio96 nightmare

    OK... i\'ve been struggling with this forever now. I can\'t get GS to play the right instrument! I\'m in Sonar and I\'m trying to record to midi track 3.. violas. I can record it, but I can\'t hear it. Every time I hit a key on the synth, I\'m hearing 1st violins! And even in GigaStudio, I\'ve selected the viola section. I don\'t understand what\'s going on. I had this working fine w/ GigaStudio24. Why can\'t I get GS to play the right instrument?

    -pulling my hair out,

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    Re: GigaStudio96 nightmare

    Common now Sam. Lets look at this. You can alway record on any track set to record, thats not a problem. For playing back a track: 1) make sure the track is not mute 2) make sure the track midi channel is the same as the one in GS (1->1,2->2, 3->3 etc), and 3) make sure for that track you also have GS selected and on the right port, such as GigaStudio Port 1 or GigaStudio Port 1, or whatever port your target instrument is on. If you cannot do any of the above, ya gotta problem. Also, remember to select (highlight) the track you are going to record on, otherwise you will record on the right track alright, but you will just hear the last instrument selected while playing. Now go forth and play.

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    Re: GigaStudio96 nightmare

    I\'m having some sort of problem. I had to click \"Reset\" in GigaStudio. ANd earlier, my MIDI just plain died and I had to reboot.

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