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Topic: Why won't GigaStudio96 produce a registration.txt file?

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    Why won\'t GigaStudio96 produce a registration.txt file?

    Anyone else have this problem? There\'s no registration.txt as there should be...


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    Re: Why won\'t GigaStudio96 produce a registration.txt file?

    Turns out that my having had GS24 installed previously was a problem. Uninstalling it didn\'t fully clean the registry.. so I did that.

    Now GS96 is doing the right thing, but it prompted me for my GigaPiano CD to complete registration, and even though the CD was in the drive, it said it couldn\'t find the CD. So now I have an unregistered version... arrrgghh!!

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    Re: Why won\'t GigaStudio96 produce a registration.txt file?

    Nevermind. it finally worked.. very quirky though.

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    Re: Why won\'t GigaStudio96 produce a registration.txt file?

    I got also problem with registration!

    That\'s after I upgraded from Win 98 SE to Win XP Home.
    I installed Gigastudio 96 XP version and all went well,
    but I had problems that Giga won\'t accept my Gigapiano CD!
    Somehow after many tries I managed with Gigapiano identification.
    but when I tried to write my register key Giga says it\'s not
    valid number? My regiseration number have four fields as
    xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx but in Gigastudio there\'s only three
    fields in registration page!
    What Should I do?

    I have also one big problem with Win XP mainly because graphic card.
    Somehow Win XP screen trembles and vibrates, for example,
    when I play Giga. My graphic card is only Matrox Millenium G200 8Mb.
    Isn\'t enough for Win XP?

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    Re: Why won\'t GigaStudio96 produce a registration.txt file?


    The registration number is under the Help menu after you install. This is not the same number as the one on the CD\'s. You should have copied this number down before upgrading to XP. You\'ll have to contact Tascam to resolve this issue.

    Regarding your video issue, I would recommend to upgrade your video card. You can pickup some nice cards that will blow away the Matrox card for about $40-$50. I always had problems with that Matrox card causing pops in my recordings and had to kill the acceleration to resolve the issue. I\'m using a Nvidia GeForce 2 card for the past couple years and it has never caused any issues. These cards for that price usually have 32 MB of memory.

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