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Topic: OT: STYLUS, Spectrasonics, Spectrum: A Discussion

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    OT: STYLUS, Spectrasonics, Spectrum: A Discussion

    This is an invitation to discuss Stylus, and if Mr. Spectrum (EP) would like to chime in, that would be a good thing. This is not a discussion of criticism, but a quest for information.
    OK, I went to the Spectrasonics site and read all the material, listened to the demos, saw the Flash stuff and watched the movie, but even with a degree in computer science, I am not getting it. I kinda got it, but not enough of an understanding to risk any money because I know what I have. So, I need to be enlightened. It seems like it would be a useful thing, but the methodology escapes me.
    It seems (despite the demos, which suggest it can do EVERYthing heard in the song), it seems to be a super-duper next generation virtual drum machine. Am I getting warm? I have questions:
    In the video, the rhythms: were they loops? Were the loops/rhythm midi based? Were the rhythm sequences internal to Stylus or the sequenceer, or where they just loops? What is the role of the sequencer: trigger loops, play midi-based loops, what? The speed seemed to be controlled by both Stylus and the sequencer: were the Stylus rhythm speeds based on loops in Stylus? When you change the speed from the sequencer, what it is it controlling? Loops or sequenced internal to Stylus? What is the main way of programming rhythms: midi sequences, chopped up loops, what? Does Stylus support multiple instances, or is that even necessary? You do have access to individual percussion hits it seems from the demo: True? So you can sequence your own rhythms?
    Anyway, the above is the core of my confusion.

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    Re: OT: STYLUS, Spectrasonics, Spectrum: A Discussion


    I\'m tempted to say just buy it because it\'s the most fun you can have with your pants on but more informatively:

    Each loop is available as a 2 or 4 bar sample OR as a Groove Control version where the loop is loaded in a sliced up form and is chopped up into individual hits. Each slice/hit is assigned to a note on the keyboard and has it\'s own filter/envelope/pan/volume settings. You then load a supplied midi file which triggers the sliced up hits spread across the keyboard (think Recycle!). You can then change tempo, quantize or rearrange the midi notes and so on to customize the groove while at the same time change the filter/pitch/envelope etc of each individual hit.

    If that doesn\'t make sense try watching the video on the Spectrasonics site again it will probably click the second time around!

    Actually forget what I just said, just buy it man!!!!! (assuming you like the sound of the loops in the demos of course!)

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    Re: OT: STYLUS, Spectrasonics, Spectrum: A Discussion

    You had better info that all the other stuff I had to read. Thanks!

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    Re: OT: STYLUS, Spectrasonics, Spectrum: A Discussion

    Originally posted by dwdonehoo:
    Does Stylus support multiple instances, or is that even necessary?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">...Stylus supports as many instances as your host can handle. There are also a bunch groove menus which map 61 loops across the keyboard at given (plentiful) tempi. Once you identify which loops you want to work with you can seperate these into different instances, and use \"Groove Control\" MIDI Files to dramatically change tempo, feel, edit out particular slices etc. Then of course there\'s the filters, zone editing, ADSR...etc etc, lots of different ways to work with the product.

    -david abraham

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    Re: OT: STYLUS, Spectrasonics, Spectrum: A Discussion

    Just got Stylus and love it. I think the best way to think of it is-- It\'s like having 5 CD-Roms of drum loops all databased and easily selectable via plug-in module. In addition you can alter the loops via filters, pitch, lfo, etc. And on top of all that it includes the loops already sliced with corresponding MIDI files so you can easily alter the tempo without altering the sound of the loop. I think this is the way for companies to sell their loop CDs. I don\'t even want a think about auditioning loops of a sample cd and then loading it into a sampler or recording it into a DAW ever again. You can do all that directly from Stylus.
    It also has a great selection of one-hit perc/drums/cymbals.

    Couple of things I wish for the future:

    -I wish it had a few Kits made up of the excellent selection of drum sounds. Instead each sound type has its own keymap/menu. (Kicks, Snares, Toms, Cymbals, etc.)
    -I hope that Spectrasonics offers upgrades that will expand on the library of sounds. Make no mistake, there are a ton of sounds. But it would be cool you could load in new ones as they became available.
    -On that same subject, it would be awesome if Spectrasonics offered Stylus upgrades of their older loop libraries. (Metamorphises, Burning Grooves, Liquid Grooves, etc.) You could just load in the loops and they would be added to your Stylus database. Life would be too good if that became true.

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    Re: OT: STYLUS, Spectrasonics, Spectrum: A Discussion

    I want a latin version of Stylus next, spectrum hinted at something along these lines a few weeks back. I need to have Alex Acuña playing on my stuff [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    -david abraham

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    Re: OT: STYLUS, Spectrasonics, Spectrum: A Discussion

    Obviously, I can\'t devulge exactly what we have coming.....

    But I will say that Stylus 1.00 is just the beginning of a very big master plan, and that you all will be VERY happy campers in the future as we unveil how all of this is going to evolve. It\'ll happen gradually, but that\'s one of the coolest things about what we are doing with the instruments, they will just get better and better over time. It\'s a very different concept compared to doing libraries.


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    Re: OT: STYLUS, Spectrasonics, Spectrum: A Discussion

    Does Stylus currently include a decent collection of swing, fusion and/or contemporary jazz kits and patterns? Brush kits and patterns?


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    Re: OT: STYLUS, Spectrasonics, Spectrum: A Discussion

    That\'s correct...it isn\'t intended to be an \"do it all\" groove module including acoustic drums and patterns. The focus is on Breakbeats, Hip-Hop, R&B Dance, Drum \'n Bass style sounds. (There are a few Acid Jazz/Swing Vinyl style breaks though)

    However, there is a healthy subsection of Percussion multisamples and Groove Control loops that those using favoring acoustic styles are using extensively.


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    Re: OT: STYLUS, Spectrasonics, Spectrum: A Discussion

    Thanks fro the info, guys.

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