I installed the Echo MIA Beta drivers last night, and the Giga MIDI boxes went gray and the no sound came out when playing the soft keyboard.

No problem. I installed GS3.03 and things got better. I had to go into the MIA console and unmute channels 2, 3 & 4. As I recall, my keyboard still wasn't working through the Midisport. I opened my sequencer (Sonar) from Giga and it played fine. When I closed the sequencer, Giga was then happy playing the keyboard directly.

It's funny, I just happened to load an organ sound from GM500 for my initial test. I then mixed in the piano from my Kurweil PC88 for the heck of it. And it sounded so cool! No GigaPulse or any tricks. I played for about an hour like that. You don't always need the most expensive toys to have fun with music.

I then ran the microphone and my bass guitar through GigaPulse using my new GSIF2 capabilities. Fun stuff. Playing/singing live music through GigaPulse gave me some additional insight into how the impulses sound. I gained more appreciation for each setting, hearing both strengths and weaknesses in each case. You hear GigaPulse when playing samples through it. You feel GigaPulse when playing/singing through it.

Anyway, the system is now working fine. My recommendations for setting up the MIA driver are:

1) Install the new driver
2) Unmute the audio channels as needed
3) Check your system. If you have problems, then
4) Install/re-install Giga
5) Open the sequencer from Giga and play your keyboard through the sequencer into Giga.
6) Enjoy!