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Topic: I'm a Control Freak

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    I'm a Control Freak

    OK... so I've recorded a nice little clarinet passage. The note velocities were played properly. And now it's time to make the results sound real.

    The first thing I would like to adjust is the expression (controller 11).
    Then, if the sample responds, aftertouch and/or modulation.
    After that, perhaps a little pitch bend.

    It seems to me that a little box with 5 or 6 assignable sliders would be the answer but maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree.

    Any suggestions?

    I'm using Sonar 4, GS 3, Kirk,Sam,AOL,BlackG etc..

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    Re: I'm a Control Freak

    Make sure that the instrument is programmed to respond to those things. A lot of developers only put so many RTC routing into their presets.

    Really, aside from the cc.11, your keyboard should be able to provide you with most of what you're asking. You could also consider the m-audio ProControl88 if you need a new keyboard as well.

    What Sampler/Sequencer package are you using?
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    Re: I'm a Control Freak

    Thanks for your suggestion scores4film. I've just picked one up.

    Midiphase, I use a weighted action keyboard that makes aftertouch very difficult to control, in any practical way. Although the keyboard has both mod and pitch wheels, I've always had difficulty with anything other than pitch bending. Sliders seem to be more ergonomic for me. BTW I use Sonar and GS3.

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    Re: I'm a Control Freak

    Hi... I was going to post a new topic about that, so... does anyone knows how to setup an instrument in Cubase SX2 so that I can change its volume or velocity with a controller, let's say, a mod wheel? (ie: how can I assign volume to MW from a midi track) ?

    Thks in advance,


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    Re: I'm a Control Freak

    You should also try drawing in cc#'s in the editor/hyper draw/
    or what ever your program calls it.

    You have tons of control that way.


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    Re: I'm a Control Freak

    Ivan, you need to use the input Transformer if you want to do it 'live' or Logical Transform if you want to do it after the fact.

    1. In the top slot of the track inspector, click on the squiggly arrow in the top right corner. This calls up the Input Transormer dialog

    2. Click on 'Add Line' in the top section (where 'filter target' is)
    This is where you tell Cubase what you want to alter.

    3. Under Filter Target it should say 'Type Is' - leave that, it's what you need. If that's not what it says, click on the column and choose Type Is from the resulting drop down.

    4. Under Condition it should say 'Equal' - leave that - it's also right in this instance.

    5. Click on Parameter 1 and choose 'Controller' from the drop down.

    6. Click on the same 'Add Line' button again to get a new line which lets you specify which controller.

    7. Under Filter Target change 'Type Is' to Midi Controller Number. The condition column should change to 'Equal' - that's good - leave it.

    8. Under Parameter 1 you should see a '0' . Mod Wheel is Controller number 1. Highlight this field and type in a 1.

    That's it for picking your target, now you need to tell the transformer what to do to it.

    9. Click on 'Add Line' for the action section (not the 'add line' you just used, the one below)

    10. For Action Target choose 'Type Is'

    11. For Operation choose 'Set to Fixed Value'

    12. For Parameter 1 choose 'Controller'

    13. Click on 'Add line' for a new line.

    14. Under Action Target choose Value 1 (so we can change the controller's midi identity)

    15. Under operation choose 'Set to fixed Value'

    16. Under Parameter 1 type in 11, and the field should display 'expression'

    Write a brief note in the info field, check that the module you were just typing in is now active (you can have 4 working simultaneously), and store this preset.

    Now if the module is active in the input transformer, you'll see the squiggly arrow icon lit blue, and mod wheel will be writing expression data. Turn the module off to return to normal.

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    Re: I'm a Control Freak

    Wow! Thks a lot Chadwick, that was really helpful!

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