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Topic: GPO Ks combo question

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    GPO Ks combo question


    I always wondered about the KS combo patches (even for other libraries).
    If I load a KS combo patch for Violins 1 for example, I see it includes all trills, tremolo, pizzi etc. BUT, is it exactly the same as if I loaded all of theme separately (just a lot easier), or are they lite version eating up less memory ?

    I hope it's the first one

    I can never thank enough the GPO team for this dream tool \(^ ^)/
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    Re: GPO Ks combo question

    I'm pretty sure they are a collective of the representative samples and are not lite versions at all. I'd would need to load them into Kontakt to be sure, but I'm almost positive this is the case. The memory needs of these patches point toward them being collective patches.

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    Re: GPO Ks combo question

    They are the patches that have been assimilated into one collective.... Resistance is futile. Signed, Acutis of Borg.

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    Re: GPO Ks combo question

    Sound alright then

    (Anyone knows for SAM ?
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    Smile Re: GPO Ks combo question

    My intuition would tell me that it would be as if you had manually loaded all of the patches which are represented in the KS combo, so there is additional "weight", of course, in that you've got things which you may not use. On the other hand, if you have a need to change articulations through a line and don't want to resort to a separate legato and pizzicato track, for example, KS is the way to go.

    Has anyone besides Tom done any metrics on this question?


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    Re: GPO Ks combo question


    Same patches in both (assuming I didn't overlook something!), NOT lite, combined for convenience. Besides convenience, the KS uses less real estate in the player - one slot handles all articulations for the instrument. It also places everything on a single stave in notation. Downside: Loads all samples even if you don't need them all for a particular piece. If you don't need everything at your fingertips it is more efficient to load just the individual instruments you plan to use. If you have RAM to burn then it doesn't really matter.


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    Re: GPO Ks combo question

    Tom => SWEET ! \0/
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