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Topic: GS3.03 panel saving problem

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    GS3.03 panel saving problem

    copy send to tascam support :

    Thank you for resolve major saving problems with update 3.03

    But it stay for me a small inconvenient : when I open gs3 , by default , I see controller " volume" , "Tune" , and "Pan"

    So , I want change this , by exemple I want see "volume" , "expression " and "effect" .I change manually

    but I cannot save this panel configuration in a gsp file or in default state .

    It' s possible to do this ?

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    Re: GS3.03 panel saving problem

    I concur with the above suggestion.

    The controller parameters in the MIDI mixer always return to their default settings of Volume, Tune and Pan. In fact they even do this when you load a new instrument (which is bizarre) -- not just when you close and then reload a performance. It would be much more convenient if you did not have to keep manually selecting the contoller parameters you want to use in the MIDI mixer.

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