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Topic: WinXP+Sonar+GS= BSOD!

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    Re: WinXP+Sonar+GS= BSOD!


    1) download the new patch for Gigstudio :

    Gigastudio 2.53.00

    at www.nemesysmusic.com


    what sort of soundcard go you have ?

    According to me , it\'s a driver problem (soundcard)

    3) send the Gigastudio diagnostic to the Tascam \'support\'




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    WinXP+Sonar+GS= BSOD!

    Occasionally when I launch Sonar (without launching GS)I will get the blue screen of death with the message that nstation.sys (a GS extension) was the cause of the problem. Sometimes this problem persists even after the restart. However, if I launch GS on its own, close it, and then launch Sonar, it makes the problem go away for a while.

    Any words of wisdom are appreciated

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