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Topic: Hi I'm new here, something need help

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    Hi I\'m new here, something need help

    PIII 500,
    256SD RAM,
    MAudio Deltaaudiophile 2496.
    Win XP Pro,
    Gigistudio 2.6

    I have no problem on running other samples, but when I run the Gigapiano, it said \"error 101, Unable to allocate memory for downloading the instruments\"

    what should I do for this?

    Thx everyone

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    Re: Hi I\'m new here, something need help

    You don\'t have enough memory to use the piano under Windows XP I think. Someone mentioned some way to make XP use less memory on boot, but I am not sure how to do it.

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    Re: Hi I\'m new here, something need help

    what kind of memory? VIrtual Memory? or I need to add more Ram? but I think it doesn\'t need so much Ram.....

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    Re: Hi I\'m new here, something need help

    Even though Giga streams from hard disk, it still needs to load the beginning of each sample into ram - so there is a minimum amount of spare ram you need for each instrument you load. XP takes a certain amount of ram as well. Perhaps the full Gigapiano and XP require more than 256 free ram in combination.

    The Gigapiano has a \'lite\' version on disk which doesn\'t use the release samples. Maybe that will work better - but you mustn\'t load the other versions as well, since even if you don\'t put them in a channel, loading them into the loaded instruments window is what uses the ram.

    Use the quicksound window, find the Gigapiano and click on the + sign next to its name. This will expand the instrument contents list to show the \'sub instruments\'. Try loading just the \'lite\' version and see if that\'s better.

    Alternatively, if you have loaded the piano and all the sub instruments, try unloading all but the lite version by right clicking on each one and chooseing \'unload selected\'.

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    Re: Hi I\'m new here, something need help

    Thx Chadwick, I tryied to load only one of the sub patches in the Gigapiano (there are 2 of them).

    the same problem appear.. do I really need to increase my Ram?

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    Re: Hi I\'m new here, something need help

    Well, there aren\'t many other reasons I can think of for getting that message. Perhaps you can make more ram available by removing some of XP\'s operations. Unfortunately I don\'t know XP, so I don\'t know how possible this is.

    You could also try asking on the Tascam Gigastudio forum, where there are two or three techs who respond to queries like this:

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