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Topic: OT: piece titles?

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    OT: piece titles?

    Anyone have any good suggestions for coming up with great piece titles? I generally suck at this step and skip it but I've got a piece I'm about done with that's actually getting a performance and I'm struggling for a catchy name.

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    Re: OT: piece titles?

    sometimes I come up with some good ones. What`s your piece about? instrumental or lyrics? Light or dark? physical or spiritual?


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    Re: OT: piece titles?

    I suppose as soon as I get this thing done I'll figure out a way of posting it online (not sure how to do that though). The piece is instrumental. The instrumentation is flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, and 5 percussionists playing various mallet and battery instruments. It's pretty light I think. Fast, scherzoish. Dance-like even. It's in 3/4, but I'm constantly hemiolaing so its debatably in 6/8 as well. As for what its about...its not really about anything - I wasn't really thinking about anything when composing this. In fact it was the first piece I've written away from a film in quite a while so I was sort of trying to be as unprogrammatic as possible. And I've heard it so many times I've lost the ability to think of it on an emotional level so I'd appreciate any fresh ears out there to give it a listen.

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    Re: OT: piece titles?

    It's always difficult to find the right name. Sometimes its like naming a child. On the GPO forum, people have posted their songs and asked for title suggestions from the other members. And sometimes the right name comes via serendipity.

    Gary Garritan

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    Thumbs up Re: OT: piece titles?

    The last piece I wrote was fast and ostentatious with no programatic elements. I couldn't come up with a title (I couldn't call it fast and ostentatious) so my girlfriend and I looked through a thesauras. She found the word "Panoply". "Panloply"? I said, "what's that". It is "A splendid or striking array: a panoply of colorful flags. It described my piece perfectly." Try a thesauras.

    With other pieces I have had the title from the get go because I wanted to describe something with music. Ask yourself, "what do I want the audience to think of when they hear the title"? Maybe you just want them to think of a scherzo. That's fine. Part of the reason we write music is because it is difficult to describe certain emotions in words. Maybe we shouldn't and just let the music speak for itself.

    Hopefully that helped (or maybe it made it more difficult).

    Good luck with naming your latest creation.


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