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Topic: How to get GigaStudio working w/ Sonar XL 2?

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    How to get GigaStudio working w/ Sonar XL 2?

    OK, I got the \"Out\" in my midi track to \"NemeSys MidiOut: Port 1\". But I can\'t seem to get any sounds out of it. I have GigaStudio24 by the way.. if that makes any difference.


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    Re: How to get GigaStudio working w/ Sonar XL 2?

    Got it working finally. I can now record and playback what I recorded. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] But now I can\'t dump the MIDI tracks (GigaStudio instruments) to audio in Sonar. The audio track is not showing any signal coming in.. any ideas on this? I know that it can\'t get a signal because the sound GigaStudio generates is basically wav out, and as far as I know, you can\'t record that. So how do I set this up? Do I have to run a cable from SPDIF out to SPDIF in, just to get an inward signal ?



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    Re: How to get GigaStudio working w/ Sonar XL 2?

    Use the audio capture tool in Giga.

    Or you can set up your soundcard to record the monitor outs (or a.k.a. \'What You Hear...that\'s what Soundblaster calls it).

    My Aark 24/96 uses the 5,6 outs to record the monitor signal. So basically whatever I hear out of my speakers is being recorded by Aark. (Mkae sure you turn your mic off or the preamp off...it will record everything!!!!)

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    Re: How to get GigaStudio working w/ Sonar XL 2?

    In your audio track\'s \"source in\" port select the port you reserved for Gigastudio out. (Note: Gigastudio cannot share ports with other applications, so if you are using it with Sonar on the same machine, be sure to disable a couple of ports in Sonar and enable those ports in Gigastudio.) That\'ll feed the Gigastudio output into your Sonar track. However, you need to arm the audio track\'s \"R\"ecord button in the Sonar audio track to hear the sound and see the meter output. If you want to record the sound (note: you don\'t have to do this...you could just play with effects to develop the sound in the mix) you would need to click the \"Record\" button in the transport bar at the top of the screen.


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    Re: How to get GigaStudio working w/ Sonar XL 2?

    Marty & cunningham: Thanks for the responses

    Marty: How do I set up my card to record what\'s going out (without connecting the SPDIF-out to SPID-in)? I\'ve got an Audiophile 2496.

    cunningham: I know how to record in Sonar.. the issue is that when I add a new audio track, and hit arm it for recording and click record, there\'s no signal coming in.. because Sonar is triggering GigaStudio which plays the samples to H/W Out.. and as far as I\'m aware, H/W Out can\'t be captured since it\'s output, not a line-in.

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    Re: How to get GigaStudio working w/ Sonar XL 2?

    Here are my settings for Giga, Sonar, and the Audiophile 2496.

    In the M-Audio mixer, set HW Out to Monitor Mixer. (You can also try WavOut, but this is the simplest way)

    In Sonar, mute all tracks except the one you want to record.

    In Sonar, go to Tools - Audio - Drivers and select everything in both boxes.

    Go to the audio track you\'re arming, and for input select Monitor Mixer. (if you have the soundcard set to WavOut like I said before, you can probably try Channels 5/6)

    Now when Gigastudio plays, you should be getting input. If you\'re still having trouble, private message me on this forum (the buttons above my post) and I can send you an email.

    Good Luck! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: How to get GigaStudio working w/ Sonar XL 2?

    Vertigo: THANKS! I\'ll try this when I get home tonight. Hope it works. We Giga/Sonar/Audiophile users need to stick together .. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I\'ll be messaging you in the future if I have any problems (I promise I won\'t bug you too much)

    Thanks again


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