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Topic: BushWMD tune

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    BushWMD tune

    Hey everyone... I was feeling a little frustrated this weekend with the election outcome, so I wrote this ditty to get it all out of my system. I usually write orchestral music, but this topic called for more drastic measures.



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    Nice piece,John.
    The world was feeling frustrated with the election outcome.But...The evolution is slow and cannot be stopped .

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    Re: BushWMD tune

    Eevolootion? Whut eevolooshun? Bible din't say nuffin' bout thet...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: BushWMD tune

    really enjoyed that John - loved the mid eastern motif.

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    Re: BushWMD tune

    maybe you can do one for the oil for food scandal: 21 billion dollars worth of UN fraud supervised by Sadaam THE weapon of mass destruction....and somewhere in there a dirge for the mass graves.

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