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Topic: GS3 and Gina 3G w/Tracktion Install

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    GS3 and Gina 3G w/Tracktion Install

    OK guys...Wish me luck ....I just got GS3 and Gina 3G in the mail today !!
    It's INSTALL TIME !!....I'm reading up on both Gina and GS3 at the same time..I think I will install my sound card first ....Now I see that I have to dig into the Bios in my computer to disable Hyper Threading !!... I'll have to read up to see how to get into the Bios !!... It's gonna be a LOOOOOOONG night !
    Thanks in advance to all of you for your patience with me....If you have any idea's or any tip's for me doing this install, please feel free to chime in ... I'm very new to PC , and NOW is my time to learn it .....Thanks again...Sincerely, Jim

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    Lightbulb Re: GS3 and Gina 3G w/Tracktion Install

    Hi Jim.

    You may want to try the 3.03 patch which has been released recently before disabling hyperthreading; there is quite a chance your computer will work fine with it enabled. In fact, some people have reported no problems with hyperthreading on earlier versions too.


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    Re: GS3 and Gina 3G w/Tracktion Install

    Thanks for the info....I can always change it back ....I have to read up on 3.03 to see what it's all about ....Thanks again...Jim

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