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Topic: GS 3.03 Update available

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    GS 3.03 Update available

    at tascam of course ...

    thought you might want to know !


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    Re: GS 3.03 Update available

    I couldn't see at their web site.

    Where did you see?

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    Re: GS 3.03 Update available

    its right on the mainpage.
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    Re: GS 3.03 Update available

    oh site has changed. Thank you for the info


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    Re: GS 3.03 Update available

    Horray! All kinds of good stuff, including a fix for the stuck note problem (which was killin' me...), bypass of effects when recalling a saved program, etc.

    Main App Maintenance Items
    · Problems with missed program/patch changes on banks not equal to 0 have been corrected.
    o Currently if the GSIF2 MIDI In driver (lowlatency)
    is being used and GS receives a patch change, the patch change occurs but will not be reflected in the UI until the UI has been refreshed.
    o If you try to patch change an instrument with built in convolution ON to or
    OFF of a channel, the engine will block that patch change.
    · A problem with held notes before a program change not being turned off by the note off after the program change, leaving a stuck note, has been corrected.
    · Error messages no longer get stuck under progress meters.
    · MIDI Mixer Mute/Solo behavior has been improved.
    · Crash when changing hardware settings while the GigaPulse UI is open has been fixed.
    · Incompatibility with the TC PowerCore has been fixed.
    · Correct show/hide cursor behavior in the QuickEdit UI has been implemented.
    · NFX and VST plugin bypass state is now correctly restored after a save.
    Existing projects that have had this problem must be resaved
    using v3.03.

    Enhancements ·

    The QuickSound search edit box is now the control that has UI input focus when GS is launched. This allows immediate entry without clicking in the box.
    · The File > Save command, Save toolbar shortcut and CTRL+S keyboard shortcut are now always available. Previously, they were only available when an app parameter had changed. Since plugins do not communicate their changed state to the app, the project could not be saved after a plugin
    parameter had been changed. It is now possible to Save any time.
    · Changes have been made to improve compatibility with Hyper Threading enabled CPUs. However, due to the wide variety of PC hardware, there still may be some systems that exhibit instability. If you find your system unstable with HT, disable it and send us detailed system specs and a Diag report to TASCAM Operational Support. Further improvements are planned to be made in this area.

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    Smile Re: GS 3.03 Update available

    Just installed it. Rebooted. Enabled Hyperthreading in the Bios. Everything works fine. So far. . . .

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    Re: GS 3.03 Update available

    Is everyone getting through on the update site? My CD key is apparently invalid now. Key was OK when I downloaded 3.02.....

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    Re: GS 3.03 Update available

    Quote Originally Posted by AtlanticWaves
    Is everyone getting through on the update site? My CD key is apparently invalid now. Key was OK when I downloaded 3.02.....
    Same Problem here...
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    Re: GS 3.03 Update available

    I am getting an invalid CD key error too - must be a glitch in their database.

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    Re: GS 3.03 Update available

    Same problem with my CD Key. Oh well they'll get it sorted. The only big problem I've been having is the effects being disabled when I reload a performance.

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