hello all,

i decided to write a new and small tutorial about a general problem in cubase/nuendo in relation with all kinds of virtual instruments.

a lot of problem are caused by some vsti's but it can be easily solved by activating old host behaviour.

i know that most of you already know that issue, but i decided to do that little tutorial, so

1. you have it as a pdf file on your pc
2. the old host behaviour entry is really hard to find in cubase/nuendo especially for people who are new to the worl of sequencers or cubase/nuendo.

i hope i can help a little bit with this small tutorial.
again, if there are some errors or things which are unclear, please write me.

i did a complete tutorial section on my homepage: www.cellarroom.de

so if you would like to visit and download the pdf file, you are welcome.