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Topic: OT: EQ in Sound Forge...

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    OT: EQ in Sound Forge...


    I have a question for the EQ experts concerning the EQ\'s in SoundForge (4.5 to 6.0b):

    1) I take a normalized sample and use the paragraphic EQ.

    2) I set the Low Shelf freq. to 212 and withdraw 4 dB. I also set the Hi Shelf to 3000 and withdraw to inf.

    3) Since I have only removed dB\'s I expect to have a quieter gain when processed - but wrong: The gain is now louder!!!

    Can anyone explain this? SF have always done this, but now I actually need the EQ to work...

    Any help appreciated (maybe some alternative EQ\'s)

    PS. How is cool Edit pro?

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    Re: OT: EQ in Sound Forge...

    A tip, though I am not sure if this is what you are really asking about, but I am guessing you are refering to mastering the audio. Please note that I am not the best masterer of audio so it may mean nothing to you... anyways:

    Turn your treble on your speakers and your internal mixers full blast(this way you can hear any high freq hiss).In the graphic eq click the 20 Band tab. Now lower 20hz and 28hz to -inf and 10KHZ and 15KHZ to -inf, as I think in most cases these 2 high freqs will cause an undue \"air\" effect. Also you may want to toggle with the 7.2 and 5.1khz as they can cause alot of hiss also. But you will need to turn down the treble to the middle setting (usually normal) to make sure it is not muddy sounding. I have a ton of other plugins so you might want to consider buying
    Waves S1 stereoimager and Waves Audiotrack these are very nice plugins. I don\'t remember if they come in a bundle or not but they are great. Well I hope this helps in someway.

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    Re: OT: EQ in Sound Forge...


    One word: Waves

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