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Topic: Converting from Halion to Giga?

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    Converting from Halion to Giga?

    Ok, so I know it\'s possible to convert from Giga to Halion, but is it possible to convert from Halion to Giga? Will Chicken Translator do it? Is there possibly a way to convert to one format, then from the format to Giga or something like that?

    I have a few free Halion samples that I would like to convert to Giga. If anyone has some insight, please let me know.

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    Re: Converting from Halion to Giga?

    Late reply?


    Yeah, we are doing it. Should be avaialble in the latest build.


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    Re: Converting from Halion to Giga?

    Really? We\'re going to be able to port Halion samples to Giga? Awesome! I have HAlion stuff that I\'d like to be able to convert to Giga..Any idea of timeframe?

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