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Topic: "Search for Sample" problem?

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    "Search for Sample" problem?

    Hey guys,

    Sorry I've been away so long, I'm just swamped with all my jobs... I'll try to pop in more often...

    I'm trying to transfer SONAR files from one computer to another, both of which have GPO. GPO's location is different in one computer though, and whenever I try to load the file it has to search the ENTIRE DRIVE(S) to find the sample. Is there a way to manually find GPO (or better, to set its location permanently?).

    I remember this problem coming up a few months ago --has anyone come up with a solution?


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    Re: "Search for Sample" problem?

    In the 'Options' menu on the player there is a directory for the samples. Just set that to where the library is on the other computer and you shouldn't have issues. This may only be on the updated version of GPO, have you updated?

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