I didn't know really in what part of the forum to post this, but this seems like probably the best place, although it is is mostly addressed to people using Mac OS X.

I've recently decided to ditch my Midi interfaces and use MidiOverLAN CP to send Midi data to my GigaStudio PC's from my Mac with Digital Performer 4. It's working fine, except for one major problem: I don't know how to create patch name files so that I can load my templates in GigaStudio and then just select patches by names in DP.

What I was doing before is this: in the Audio Midi Setup application, I had attached bogus devices to my MidiExpress XP interface's ports (the ports that were in reality transmitting to the interfaces of the Giga PC's) and used CherryPicker to change the default patch names to the ones in my Giga templates. For example, a bogus UltraProteus was attached to the MidiExpress out port 1, and I had changed the names of the default UltraProteus patch names file. Of course, there was no real UltraProteus and the MidiExpress was in fact sending data to a Giga PC. This worked really well and allowed me to send program changes easily from DP by simply selecting a patch name.

The problem now is that the virtual interface that MidiOverLAN creates in the Audio Midi setup application doesn't have any out ports to which I can attach a bogus device. So, I don't know how to create patch names that I can use inside DP. Does anyone know how to do this? Do I have to create a brand new midnam file for MidiOverLAN? I remember that you also have to create a middev file, which I was never able to figure out in the past.

Anyway, any advice would be very much appreciated.