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Topic: Capture to audio-GS to VST 32-SYNC????

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    Capture to audio-GS to VST 32-SYNC????

    When I try to \'capture to audio\'some of the midifiles end up a halfbeat late when I export them as audiofiles to Cubase with sync?
    Some of my audio files come up at the right place, even though I start record all of them from bar -1 some of them are delayed half a bar when I import them.
    A friend of mine has now sold his GS and switched to Halion because of this problem. He says it\'s impossible to sync up a large number of midifiles as \'capture to audio\' with sync to audiofiles into Cubase VST 32.
    He also says that big-timers like Hans Zimmer uses GS thru soundcards into big mixingboards and mixes to tape machines and never encounters this problem.
    Nemesys dokumentation says nothing about this exept how to click the audio capture button.
    Do I have to buy this video for 100$ just to be able to send my GS stuff to Cubase or what?


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    Re: Capture to audio-GS to VST 32-SYNC????

    I\'ve run into this when i THINK i\'ve lined it up at 1-1 but actually haven\'t. It can happen when you record it so the file isn\'t right, or when you import it. I\'d scale the view way out to make sure you\'re where you think you are. Then I\'d go back to the original file, view out again and see if you really lined them all up at the same place. This is the most lkely problem.

    Another problem could be if one file is recorded at 44.1 and the others at 48k. For example, in logic you can play 44.1 and 48k files at the same time, 16 bit and 24 bit. Logic knows how to handel it. But many softwares like DP don\'t know how to handle it and you have to convert it to all the same. I\'ve not worked with cubase but it may be that it\'s playing them but not properly if the sample rates are different.

    If this is the case, the 48k files will play faster then the 44 and will make the 44 sound late and slower/lower like you\'ve transposed one of them. May not be the case but it\'s worth investigating I suppose.

    Hope some of this helps

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