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Topic: Giga Studio and Cubase?

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    Giga Studio and Cubase?

    Hi there. How can I make Cubase and Giga Studio work together? Right now, they seem to exclude each other. I think I remember that it has something to do with deactivating the Microsoft GS Wavetable, but I\'m not sure anymore how to do that, or if that is indeed the problem. Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Giga Studio and Cubase?

    not quite clear what the problem is, but it is possible you haven\'t enabled your GS ports in the cubase setupMME (start>programs>steinberg cubase>setup mme).
    Send me some more info if this isn\'t what you meant.

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    Re: Giga Studio and Cubase?

    If Cubase is similar to Cubasis (and in the setup I would think that to be true) you may also need to deactivate the default \'soundblaster-type\' card MIDI port, if you\'re not using it. I had problems with Cubasis VST that came with my Layla24 until I did that (Also in MME.)


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    Re: Giga Studio and Cubase?

    I use Cubase VST score 5.1. I\'ve never had problems with using GS and Cubase together, and I didn\'t have to make any adjustments to make them work together as well.

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