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Topic: Giga Teleport and MOL Succes Stories?

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    Giga Teleport and MOL Succes Stories?

    Is this setup working well for anyone? I have 2 computers: 1 SONAR4; 1 GS3 Orchestra. (P4 3.0) If it works, I would like to use Teleport & MOL to link them. My hope is to access the 8 MIDI ins on Giga, and return the audio to SONAR.

    Is this possible, practical, relialble?

    Also, with this setup, will the GSIF-2 functions be available.

    Thanks for your responses.

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    Re: Giga Teleport and MOL Succes Stories?

    Using the Giga Teleport mid pipes gives you sample accurate playback where MOL has inherent latency. However, if you want to use Program Changes, you have to use MOL because GT/GVA doesn't seem to support that yet. I have finally got GVA working wonderfully using Nuendo 2 on my Master and Giga 3 on my slave using GVA. I get a real time playing latency of 11 msec (a little high but useable considering the benefits) with 32 (16 stereo) outs showing up in my Nuendo mixer. Of course, playback is sample accurate. The GSIF 2 driver for GT/GVA doesn't support audio in for Giga.

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    Re: Giga Teleport and MOL Succes Stories?

    Teleport didn't work for me because of patch changes. Midi over ethernet works fine (home-made, not MOL). So I have two computers, one with gs3 and one with sonar 3, a m-audio audiophile 24/96 on each computer. The midi over a gigabit ethernet and the audio returning by spdif. Works fine. Midi yoke offers 8 port midi routing (though it doesn't co-exist with the gs3 computer, it only needs to be installed on the sonar computer). More in other posts on this forum, search for 'midi-utilities-for-windows'.

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