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Topic: quick sound bugging out....

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    quick sound bugging out....

    I had a deathly crash on my giga setup a couple weeks ago. I need to reinstall the software but I\'m just too busy right now. I\'ve got everything mostly working except when I launch Giga the quicksound database keeps trying to update, but it goes in circles and never finishes updating. anyone ever had this happen or know how to fix it??????

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    Re: quick sound bugging out....

    hate to post a me too, but...

    I\'m having a similar problem. When I start GS, it will update the QS with any recent changes ok, but if I tell it to Rebuild Entire DB, it goes for awhile and then freezes the computer entirely. No blue screen; just freeze...

    getting by without doing a Rebuild, but....

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    Re: quick sound bugging out....

    well.... I guess it\'s a matter of time... must be a software bug that you and I are only affected by Austin. Go figure. Anyone? Anyone..... I sure am happy I still have my mac.... it helps me get through the bad windows days... oh wait, that\'s everyday...... sure am glad I have my mac!!!

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    Re: quick sound bugging out....


    When it has a largish library to deal with, QS does seem to freeze. In fact, I\'ve Ctrl-alt-deleted and seen the message the Gigastudio isn\'t responding.

    However, I don\'t think it has stopped, it just seems that windows can\'t access it while QS is rebuilding.

    Leave it alone for a loooong time and see if it doesn\'t come back up on its own, once it finishes the rebuild.

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    Re: quick sound bugging out....

    yea for me it use to be a nice long wait would work it out, but now it\'s actually freezing, where the window flashes... I just need to re-install my OS I\'m sure.

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    Re: quick sound bugging out....

    Have you set it to only search one directory or a limited set of directories? (My system used to freeze up too when Giga was having to search my entire hard drive...)

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    Re: quick sound bugging out....

    Yes, I\'ve had the same problem. In my case, since I have verbose reporting turned on, I can see that GS is continually trying to save files called ins.idx, ins.dat, fpo.idx, fpo.dat, kwtrn.dat, .dat, dro.idx,dro.dat, kwo.idx. In fact, these are seem to be copies of files found in Gstudio\\DB, and get repeatedly saved to Gstudio\\DB\\back. If happen to have norton protecting your recycle directory, they turn up as Norton Protected files, and by the time I\'ve been able to cancel the process, there are 1500 files.... copies of these files..... in the Norton protected recycle bin.

    I\'ve found a workaround. Turn off the monitor function of quicksound. Then, when you start Gstudio, at least you won\'t get this infernal startup idiocy. The downside is that you need to do a complete rebuild of quicksound database instead of being able to update quicksound with only recent changes.

    From my experience, fdisk, format, reloading win2k, reloading Gstudio does not get rid of the bug. How about for you?

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    Re: quick sound bugging out....

    If you delete the files in DB, the files in Back and then empty the recycle bin it forces GS to rebuild the entire database from scratch. This should take care of the original problem which is probably due to corruption of some sort. Virus programs are too dang invasive to have running in the background and need to be installed so that they only run when you turn them on manually. Same goes for utilities. GS is a very jealous b-word!! jc

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