In a recent score, I ran into a problem (bug?) that I can\'t explain. The score used about 160 instruments (128 in bank 0 and about 35 in bank 1). Memory use is 66 percent with 1Gb RAM. After loading all instruments, MIDI channel 10 on port 2 stops responding to patch change requests from the sequencer. (My sequencer is MOTU Digital Performer on a Mac. I feed Gigastudio through two MIDI ports from a MOTU MIDI Express.)

I can still play whatever is in channel 10. Channel 10, port 2 works normally with other (and smaller) pieces loaded. I also just upgraded to version 2.53 yet the problem persists. If I grab an instrument from the large window that shows all loaded instruments and drag it into the small window for channel 10, port 2, it goes in just fine. You can play it.

Has anyone seen this problem before? Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot? I\'ve been using Gigasampler and Gigastudio since they were introduced but never seen behavior like this before.