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Topic: Issues running GS3 with Logic on PC and MOL CP

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    Issues running GS3 with Logic on PC and MOL CP

    Hi All,

    At the behest of the folks at MusicLab I downloaded the demo of MidiOverLAN CP and installed it on my Logic DAW (Win XP, Logic 5.51) and new GS3 rig. It installed fine and both computers are configured with Netport 1-4 (I know I can get 8 going in GS3). I am able to configure midi input in GS3 to Netport 1 and in Logic I set the midi output to Netport 1. Logic indicates it is playing midi when I play files or noodle on the keyboard, yet it seems nothing gets transmitted over the network and GS3 doesn't receive anything. I've emailed MusicLab for guidance, but I'm hoping the experts here can help figure out what's not right. I should say that other network functions operate just fine, both systems can see each other and I have transmitted files no problem.

    My questions for this esteemed group are; what other information would you need to diagnose the problem? Does anyone have suggestions of things to try?

    Thank you.

    Steve Chandler

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    Angry Re: Issues running GS3 with Logic on PC and MOL CP

    I've had the same issues... I can get the installs sucessful, but as soon as I touch a note in Logic, it freezes up and Logic's midi activity meter goes haywire. I actually have to reboot the computer... I'm guessing that it's because of the kernal midi that giga is supposed to use... I've had unanswered emails and messages on the musiclabs forum for weeks. Please update if you've had any success. I think my 2 weeks is almost gone for troubleshooting!

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