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Topic: Pitch Bend Problems in GS3

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    Pitch Bend Problems in GS3

    Having loaded the "Rogeri Longbow" from the Composers Choice library, I proceeded to load it into the editor. I then right clicked on the instrument and changed the pitch bend value in the dialogue box. Saved the instrument. Doing all of this has resulted in having absolutely no effect. Pitch bend works fine on my hardware sampler. Anyone know why this is not working?

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    Re: Pitch Bend Problems in GS3

    Some of the samples on the market do not answer for some of the controls, or react differently than you would expect. None of the VSL strings are reacting to pitch bend but you can tune them.


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    Re: Pitch Bend Problems in GS3

    For the VSL samples, perhaps the composer's choice too, you must set the pitch bend in the 'properties' dialog in the gs3 editor. (not quick-edit).

    Start the gs3 editor, select the instrument in the left-top pane, then right click and select properties. There is a pitch bend section, set the value for the instrument to 2 semitones (or whatever you prefer). Then the +/- 8192 pitch bend will bend up or down a whole tone. Works about to about 40 ticks on the pitch wheel per cent of tuning, if you use 2 semitones.

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    Re: Pitch Bend Problems in GS3

    What you described is exacly what I did in the main editor not the quickedit. The value I entered was 2 (meaning 2 semitones). I don't know what you mean by "8192 Pitch bend".

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    Re: Pitch Bend Problems in GS3

    The standard pitch wheel midi controllers go from -8191 to +8192 units. So you divide the total (16383) by the amount of pitch wheel change configured for the instrument (-2 semitones to +2 semitones = +200 cents to -200 cents)

    16838 / 400 = approximately 40 units per cent. Hope this is clearer!

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