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Topic: Giga import almost there with v1.52 :-)

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    Re: Giga import almost there with v1.52 :-)


    I just tried this (after hours of working with a big conversion.

    Its almost flawless in some early tests.

    the only real problem I\'ve found is velocity response isn\'t perfect (but could be), and release times on release triggers is short (as Ian stated)

    they still havent fixed the \"touch my mod-wheel\" bug, wher you have to move the modwheel before you hear sound, if Xfades are applied to teh MW.

    other than that I\'m really impressed. Theyve even added \"multi matrix\" mode to the groupings/keyswitching/controllor options. Its oging to be possible to build some really crazy instruments now, and HUUUUGE keyswitch patches with \"extra\" features

    one other issue is that you cant open 1.5 files in 1.2. There should be an option to save to 1.2, so users can share nki files.

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    Giga import almost there with v1.52 :-)

    Just installed the new update 1.52 out this week and did a side by side comparison with Giga and HALion (latest v2.034) and Kontakt now definitely has the edge over HALion. Tried some SAM patches:-

    crossfades identical now on both H & K to GS,

    perfect again on all 3

    release samples:-
    more acurate now on Kontakt. Still not quite as long tails as on Giga but it\'s pretty close. HALion still has problems with release tails and requires tweaking from a straight import.

    Just a shame .gigs need expanding to wavs in anything other than DFD mode - if they cracked that I\'d be a happy man.


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