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Topic: GS160 on XP/MTS4140 Problem

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    GS160 on XP/MTS4140 Problem


    I am experiencing hanging MIDI-notes ca. once every 15 minutes. The MIDI-freezing vanishes, when I apply any setting-change within GS to reinitialize the MIDI-driver. Not a big prob, but it is getting on my nerves.

    I use GS160 2.52.06 on WinXP (perfect performance) with the MIDIMAN MTS 4140 EWDM-driver with the date 6/2/2002.

    Any suggestions??



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    Re: GS160 on XP/MTS4140 Problem

    Only suggestion I have is: Get a new MIDI interface. If you check around this board, and Tascams, there\'s been several threads about that kind of problems with the Miditerminal, or similar, interface from EgoSys. I had one myself - well, I still have it, but it\'s lying in the bottom of a closet.

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    Re: GS160 on XP/MTS4140 Problem

    Thanks Simon,

    I guess you are right. Using Win98 the MTS4140 had been working fine, but I would rather drop that box than going back to Win98...

    I will check that MIDIoverLAN-driver tomorrow...


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    Re: GS160 on XP/MTS4140 Problem

    Hi Roman,
    Is the Midioverlan working for you? .. I don\'t know how to set everything up? .. Can you help? .. Are you in USA? ... Is there any way I can talk to you?


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