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Topic: A Work by Benjamin Britten.......

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    A Work by Benjamin Britten.......

    Hi Folks - Well, this is a work that I've been working on for a bit with GPO. This is a


    to kind of give an idea of what the final version is going to sound like - that is with the GPO soundfield I've chosen for it, the equalization and so forth. There are still hundreds of wrong notes - I've ordered the score to have so I can correct them. (Bless him, Ramon is very good, but the work has a few clunks in it)

    I just need some critical feedback to let me know whether to pursue this concept, or create another. I have many problems with it that I want to correct myself like the trumpet entrance being cut off, horns too loud in spots - but like any work that you're too close to, you need an independent eye.

    I also have many ideas for this particular score, but this is the first one I've rendered. Thanks so much - you all were SO MUCH help on the Saint-Saëns.

    BTW, this is a VBR MP3 file, so you'll see weird timings.

    [url]Removed - OOPS.


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    Re: A Work by Benjamin Britten.......


    I wonder if you'll get many people listening to this. The mp3 file took 5 minutes just to finish buffering, before it actually started playing - and I'm on Broadband.

    You don't make things very clear to us: you don't even give the title of the piece, and I'm not at all clear what your source is for the notes. You say you'll be getting the score, so where did you get this from? If it is all done by ear, it is a remarkable feat!

    Nevertheless there's plenty to put right. Balance mainly. I don't like the brass sounds, I wonder what you're doing with them. Please cut the reverb down; like so many of our members, you use far too much. This covers errors but it also covers essential detail. Concerts are not performed in empty halls! Hundreds of people's clothes have a marked damping effect. Put us in the front row, please, not the back of a tunnel.

    This project IS worth going on with, but you MUSt get the score and sort it out. Speaking as one who has sequenced the entire work, not just the fugue, I know that it is quite difficult. But since you are just starting out, didn't you say, you ought to do a few simpler pieces before going back to this.

    Another thing to watch is copyright. We shouldn't be putting recent pieces out into the ether without permission. I keep all my recordings of modern works to myself and my friends.

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    Re: A Work by Benjamin Britten.......

    Hi Poolman - I checked with ACE on ASCAP, and the work is STILL under copyright by Boosey-Hawkes, so I've withdrawn it- my fault for not checking before blindly moving on with the render. The source was a MIDI file by a MIDI artist acquaintance of mine - Ramón Pajares.


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    Re: A Work by Benjamin Britten.......

    Quote Originally Posted by neoTypic
    No! Not fair to pull down the piece! *laughs* I actually like Britten since I had to conduct Rejoice In The Lamb for a conducting exam.
    Who's pulling it down? Certainly not me, it's one of my favourites.

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    Re: A Work by Benjamin Britten.......

    Well.....technically, I would be able to 'stream' the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra MP3 from my CMR website, as such is covered by my ASCAP Internet License. However, I had a link to the work posted here offering a download of it. In that case I'd be actually distributing copies of the work, therefore I'd have to have a "Mechanical License" as well from the Harry Fox Agency.

    Not worth the money, as I'd pay the same rate as a Professional Orchestra Association releasing the work on CD.


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