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Topic: How will I get my concert hall reverb?

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    How will I get my concert hall reverb?

    Right now I use a Roland XP-80, and I use the effects there, not in Sonar or anywhere else. Once I get GigaStudio 96 and own a decent set of samples, how will I get my reverb effects, since my sounds won\'t be coming from the Roland anymore? I assume GigaStudio has effects, right? Or will I have to use Sonar effects? I believe I heard that either Sonar\'s or GigaStudio\'s effects can be somewhat CPU/RAM intensive though. Hopefully my 900MHz/512MB RAM system will suffice.

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    Re: How will I get my concert hall reverb?

    Although I think some on this forum would disagree, I find the plugin effects in Sonar to be extremely good. The only downside is that you can\'t use them with Giga in real-time. I get around this by using the Giga fx (which are not very good, but fine for temporary use) and then bouncing to audio and applying the Sonar fx to the bounced audio. I think you\'ll find that the Sonar fx are quite good, especially the fxReverb and the fxChorus. They give you a high level of customization.

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    Re: How will I get my concert hall reverb?

    I do have SoundForge. Maybe my best option is to just record everything dry, then when I dump to .wav, open it in SoundForge and apply the concert hall reverb there? Only problem is, it won\'t know the positioning (panning) of the instruments.. whereas Sonar does. And maybe Sonar\'s reverb FX take the panning into consideration when applying reverb FX, whereas SoundForge can\'t since it just has raw stereo WAV data?

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    Re: How will I get my concert hall reverb?

    I think I was slightly unclear, and I caused you to misunderstand. I only use the Gigastudio effects temporarily, because when I\'m playing in parts I don\'t want to hear them dry. Then, I turn off all effects and bounce the tracks to audio completely dry, THEN apply Sonar effects. You can bounce each individual track to its own audio track, or groups, or all of them down to one stereo track.

    Also, Sonar detects all plugins installed on your system, so if you really want to use Soundforge effects, they\'re right there, and you don\'t use panning synch or anything. I highly recommend the Sonar effects, though. Cakewalk had some crappy effects in earlier versions, but they made up for it in Sonar.

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