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Topic: GigaStudio crashing my machine

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    GigaStudio crashing my machine

    I installed Giga 160 and everytime I try to close the app or make adjustments to fx, etc., it crashes my machine.
    My system is as follows:

    MSI Kt3 Ultra mobo VIA chipset (333)
    512 mb ram
    Maya44 soundcard (latest gsif drivers)
    IBM fast hard drive

    Giga plays beautifully, very little latency, but anytime I try to close it. It has caused the entire system to become unstable. As soon as I uninstalled it, everything went back to normal.

    I tried a fresh install, etc. etc. and no luck. I tried changing soundcards and no luck.

    If anyone has had similar problems, please let me know.


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    Re: GigaStudio crashing my machine

    Forgot to add -- I\'m running Win XP. Which has been rock solid until this.


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    Re: GigaStudio crashing my machine

    This usually indicates an IRQ problem. Under XP with ACPI turned on, XP will force all PCI cards to share the same interrupt. There is a hack to turn ACPI off on an installed XP system, but it usually causes more problems than it solves. The best way to turn ACPI off is to reinstall XP and when you get the the screen that says \"Press F6 if you have any third party RAID or SCSI drivers you wish to install\" press the F5 key. You\'ll get to a screen that will ask you what type of PC to install. Select \"Standard PC\" and go through the rest of the installation. Once you\'re reinstalled, if you still have problems, you can change the IRQ your sound card uses either in the BIOS or by moving it to a different slot.

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    Re: GigaStudio crashing my machine

    I might give that a try, but I\'ve checked the IRQ settings and haven\'t found any conflicts. Or I may put giga on a different computer altogether and see how that works out.


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