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Topic: Choosing the Right Ram

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    Choosing the Right Ram


    Quickly, my mb has four ram slots. It can support up to 4GB of ram. Ram prices have sky rocketed lately, so assume that I don't have the money to purchase 1GB sticks of "good ram." My question is basically, which is better for we-sequencers:

    1. Infineon chips - 2x1GB pc2100 ddr266 [friend would be giving them to me for free]
    2. Kingston - 2x512mb + 2x256 (total of 1.5gb) pc3200 ddr400 [this is in my current pc]


    A. Obviously, the infineon route offers more room to upgrade - albeit at the cost of 'weaker ram.'
    2. Will I notice a performance issue with the weaker ram?
    3. Is it worth having weak ram if I can get 3GB? I would be buying another 2x512 if I went that rout.

    Thanks very much!

    - Junkaroo

    EDIT: My friend just informed me that Athlons benefit ram much less. He claimed that a pc2100 vs pc3200 vs pc4000 is not that large of a difference, due to the fact that I have an athlon processor (Barton 3000+ 400Mhz fsb, btw). Thanks!

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    Re: Choosing the Right Ram


    I see you posted a while ago.

    My suggestion, as long as you're getting this Infineon memory for free, is to give it a shot and run something like Sisoft Sandra free edition to evaluate how this configuration compares to other known configs. Then do the same with the Kingston memory.

    Non-brand name memory might not have production controls that are as stringent as brand name stuff, then again it might be fine.

    Hope this helps.


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