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Topic: GS32 vs. GS90? And is my system strong enough?

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    GS32 vs. GS90? And is my system strong enough?

    I\'m considering either GigaStudio32 or 90. (32 mostly cuz I\'m on a tight budget). I plan to use Garritan\'s Orchestral Strings with it.. so I\'m thinking GS32 might not be enough.

    My system is an AMD Athlon 900MHz, XP Pro, 512MB RAM, 80GB HD.. and will soon have an AudioPhile 2496 card. I use Sonar XL 2.0. Is this setup OK for GigaStudio?


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    Re: GS32 vs. GS90? And is my system strong enough?

    Your system should be fine. Go for GS96. Or, better still, go for GS160.

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    Re: GS32 vs. GS90? And is my system strong enough?

    It will not be difficult to use up the available polyphony even in GS160, so I\'d definitely suggest GS160 and the convenience of having that extra polyphony if possible.

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    Re: GS32 vs. GS90? And is my system strong enough?

    I\'m afraid the GS160 is way out of my budget. I can only afford a few hundred bucks. I still have to buy an AudioPhile 2496 (around $120 on eBay), and GOS Lite ($299).

    If anyone (for some very odd reason) no longer wants their GOS Lite, I wouldn\'t mind buying it used. Did I mention I was on a tight budget? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I have a huge project at hand and I need the sounds...


    PS: For that matter, if anyone is selling used GS96 or an AudioPhile card, let me know.. or if there\'s a good place to grab any of these at a low price.

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    Re: GS32 vs. GS90? And is my system strong enough?

    Hiya MDesigner...

    Errrr... I don\'t think the licenses on the GOS or any sample libraries can be transferred? I don\'t mind getting rid of my AO Strings but because of the license stuff I can\'t just sell it in the papers...

    All Audiophile 2496 soundcard comes with a compatible version of GigaSampler LE that runs on WinXP. It could be worthwhile for you to find out and see if you can get an upgrade with that version, should save you some $$$. If you just want just output from your soundcard, ie you either have another soundcard on your system that records or you don\'t plan to record anything external, then you should have a look at the EgoSys GigaStation.

    I have the GigaStation, which is an 8 analogue output only card plus 2 digital outs (10 outs). It comes packaged with the full version of GigaStudio96 which you can upgrade later for GigaStudio160, 2 midi I/O and the GigaPiano and Conexant 500 midi sample CDs to get you going. I have already upgraded my GigaStudio96 version to the latest one with no problems and are running it just fine...

    Lastly, having GigaStudio160 doesn\'t necessarily mean you can go all the way up to 160 voices! I have GigaStudio96 but I can\'t go beyond 64 voices because of system limitations etc. GOS is a super voice hog (not sure about GOS lite but I guess it is too!) and so is GigaPiano... Sustain pedal down and 3 10 note chords will get you hitting 64 voices in no time!!!

    You can find the EgoSys Gigastation here,

    Personally, the GigaStation does its job. Its not fantastic and the Audiophile is probably better as a soundcard. But for AUD$895 (US$400?) you get the full works... GigaStudio96 here in Australia costs AUD$900... So it just doesn\'t make sense to buy GigaStudio96 by itself, may as well get the soundcard, midi interface and sample CDs for, errrr, $5 rebate...


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    Re: GS32 vs. GS90? And is my system strong enough?

    Thanks [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I need a sound card that will record too.. I will be recording everything I play via Sonar XL and dumping to MP3.

    My price breakdown is this:

    AudioPhile 2496 (about $120 on ebay)
    GigaStudio96 (not sure..$300-$350 on ebay?)
    GOS Lite ($299)

    Estimated total: $720-770 or so

    Not too bad, but I gotta save slowly for it.

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    Re: GS32 vs. GS90? And is my system strong enough?

    One gooooood thing for you is that Audiophile card is now delivered with GigaStudio24 for FREE. You can choose to upgrade to GS96 for less than you excpected then. Cool isn\'t it? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: GS32 vs. GS90? And is my system strong enough?

    I take it I\'d have to buy the AudioPhile 2496 retail then, to get that deal? I\'m looking on eBay and finding the AudioPhile for around $130 or so. What\'s a good place to get the AudioPhile 2496 card with GigaStudio 24? (I didn\'t know a 24 existed.. what is 24 voices good for anyway?) [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


    EDIT: I saw the 2496 card here


    It doesn\'t mention including GigaStudio24 though. And how much would it cost to upgrade from GS24 to GS96? I\'d have to know the price to figure out if it\'s worth going for a retail boxed version of AudioPhile as opposed to a used one on eBay

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