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Topic: Away in a Manger (solo GPO Steinway)

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    Away in a Manger (solo GPO Steinway)

    Hey gang! I have been SWAMPED with selling my music at Christmas Bazaars (and yes, they started in October), so the best I can offer is I just now finished "Away in a Manger" using just the GPO Steinway (DXI) with GPO Ambience Piano Hall 2 reverb (-6.5 POST to an Effects Send).

    The file is at:


    Sonar file is at:


    MIDI file is at:


    Check out the cluster chord at 2:19. This, for me, says it all. The GPO Steinway has incredible string-to-string resonance/harmonics and it fades/dies out very well. Also notice the very high notes at the end. Perfect! Couldn't ask for a better reproduction of how those are supposed to sound. And finally, listen to the bottom C (and accompanying G, E) at 1:55 and 2:17. Simply gorgeous! I'm really starting to fall in love with this Steinway!

    Styxx, please remove me for "Good Christian Men", and "Come Thou" since there is no way I'll get these done by Monday. Sorry about that. I've run out of time.

    Enjoy, and I will not be offended in the slightest if you choose not to include it in the album. I happened to have about an hour today between spelling my wife at the bazaar and taking care of kids, so I put this together for y'all. It was actually kind of cute...I have a computer/studio room and three of my four kids were each on a computer with headphones playing their little games and I was at the music workstation pounding this out. I'm amazed it even worked.

    Take care!!

    I'll get it to Gary on Monday in .wav format on CD if you want to use it.
    Kevin B. Selby
    http://kevinselby.com <-- Public site
    http://kevinselby.com/gpo <--My music catalog FREE to GPO users: username: gpo - pword: garritan

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    Thumbs up Re: Away in a Manger (solo GPO Steinway)

    Hi Kevin, this is an very sweet arrangement of the hymn for piano - and yes, the GPO Steinway sounds very beautiful.

    However, I think the piece needs a little more contrast to be perfect. Nonetheless this is a job well done!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Away in a Manger (solo GPO Steinway)


    A masterful showcase of the GPO Steinway. It sounds beautiful.

    Excellent work, once again.

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    Re: Away in a Manger (solo GPO Steinway)

    Wow, this is beautiful! I am always inspired by these awesome piano pieces, it's amazing what you can do with just one instrument. Thanks for sharing!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Away in a Manger (solo GPO Steinway)

    Hey thanks for the comments!

    I probably should have mentioned that it was a "minimalist" arrangement for several reasons. The first reason being that the song is about a manger scene and thus, in my mind, a bit lower key than, say, "Hark the Herald" (where we picture a ton of angels blaring out the message) and the second being that it just seemed to me to be a sort of lullaby about that Baby born long ago.

    Perhaps the biggest reason for only giving you solo piano is that it was all I could do today, but there was also a desire on my part to really wring out the GPO Steinway and see how she responds to a real-world application of solo piano. I must say she passed with flying colors (or sounds!).

    Ooh...before I forget, I DID learn something today about GPO, Kontakt, and Direct-From-Disk streaming. I recorded the song on my laptop (which has 500 Mb of RAM...soon to be 1.2 Gig), so I had downloaded the DFD patch thingey and installed it. No matter which sound card I used (the M-Audio Firewire 410, or the onboard laptop sucky soundcard) when I told Sonar to Export the song to .wav, it would indeed export it, but when I listened to it, it would drop out notes and/or lose the pedal sustains that I had (and so the sound would let up and NOT be sustained...a deadly thing for this particular song) and it drove me NUTS until I figured out that it was the DFD doing it. As soon as I disabled DFD, and then exported it again, it was fine. Now I noticed that there are various DFD settings, so maybe a few of the other settings will make this problem go away, but for now, it's OFF (and will stay off until I either get more RAM or try a few different settings). There is nothing more maddening than taking the time to record a song exactly the way you want, and then when you go to export it, it ends up DIFFERENT than when it plays inside Sonar. Maddening I tell you.

    Anyway...thanks for the kind words, and I wish you all the best during the holiday season.
    Kevin B. Selby
    http://kevinselby.com <-- Public site
    http://kevinselby.com/gpo <--My music catalog FREE to GPO users: username: gpo - pword: garritan

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