Has anybody had this problem and solved it?

After (finally) getting Gigastudio up and running, I\'ve noticed that when
SONAR is running at the same time, MIDI response gets slower over time,
finally getting to the unusable point.

To be more specific, I start GS and load an instrument. Everything\'s fine.
Then I start SONAR (from GS) and play my MIDI keyboard with a track assigned
to one of the GS ports. At first everything\'s fine, then delays between
hitting the key and hearing the sound start to build up. If I shut down
SONAR and start it again, there\'s a big improvement - for a while.

This happens only with MIDI transmitted from my keyboard. When I click on
the keys in the Piano Roll View (or click on the GS virtual keyboard), the
response is instantaneous.

My setup:
*Gigastudio 160 2.52.06
*Kurzweil K2600X synth / sampler
*Asus P4B533 motherboard
*Pentium 4 2.26b CPU
*768MB PC2100 DDR RAM
*Delta 1010 sound card / MIDI port
*2 Seagate ST380021a HD\'s (IDE, 80 GB ATA100)
*Seagate ST32550N HD (SCSI, 2 GB)
*Sparkle Invidia GeForce 3 Ti 200 video card
*Yamaha CRW2100E IDE CD writer
*Adaptec 2940 PCI SCSI adapter
*OHCI Compliant Firewire card
*UMAX S-12 SCSI scanner
*Seagate Tapestor USB tape drive

*Windows 2000 SP3
*DirectX 8.1